What are Bedbugs?

    Bedbugs are brown, small wingless parasites which feed off of blood. Although they can’t fly, they aren’t easily seen, as they’re under half a centimeter in length and oftentimes hide within the daytime. As bedbugs prefer to bite human beings, they also will feed on other mammals if needed.

    Bedbugs derive their name from the truth that they oftentimes reside in unsanitary bedding and mattresses, yet they may be found in additional places like cracks in walls and carpets. Even though they’re often discovered in dirty accommodation in which poor sanitation is an issue, bedbugs have been well-known to travel in an individual's luggage or clothing to other areas.

    One indication of bedbugs is locating spots of blood around or beds. Typically, bedbugs leave itchy, tiny bites within orderly rows upon a body. A few might notice that rooms which have multiple bedbugs have a sweet odor.

    Bedbugs mainly are prevented by frequent cleaning and good sanitation, like consistent washing of bedding and housecleaning. As bedbugs are discovered around the world, travelers abroad also should be watchful for indications of infestation. Travelers within less-developed or rustic regions may decrease their odds of being bitten by remaining in well-maintained, reputable accommodations which appear clean. Also, travelers can decrease odds of an infestation at their home by washing all luggage and clothing upon returning to the home following vacation/travel.

    Bedbugs may leave itchy bites which usually heal over a couple of days. The itch typical to the bites usually can be solved with various usual bug-bite remedies. Your physician ought to be consulted in more severe cases.

    Infestations of bedbugs may be hard to eliminate, as the pests are able to hide in numerous places. Carpets and mattresses suspected to have bedbugs may be completely vacuumed to eliminate the pests, with mattresses then becoming covered and left within a sunny area for as long you can. Clothing and bedding should be thoroughly washed in hot water. But, professional pest control also should be considered, particularly in repetitive or larger cases.

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