What Allergies are caused by Bed Bugs

    Bed bug bites can look and feel different depending on their victim, like any other bug bite.  Allergic reactions will vary depending on the victim.

    Bed bug bites can be mistaken for allergic reactions because of their appearance.  Their bites can appear as itchy bumps, grouped in a line that shows the pattern of feeding.  Their coloring also can change with the bumps being redder in the morning and fading throughout the day.

    Most people are not allergic to bed bugs.  That doesn’t mean their bites are not uncomfortable!  However, there are rare circumstances of anaphylaxis that have occurred, but in general they are just uncomfortable to deal with.

    Whenever bed bugs are incorrectly diagnosed as an allergic reaction, the physician will often prescribe an antihistamine.  This might help with the itching but it won’t make the rash go away.  A better treatment method would be a steroid cream which will help the itch and the rash resolve quickly.

    It is important to treat the bed bug bites so that your scratching does not get to the point of breaking your skin.  At this point, the skin can become infected.  The area will have increased pain, redness and possible oozing at the site.  At that time, medical attention will definitely be needed.

    Though rare, it is also possible that bedbugs can transmit other viruses such as Hepatitis B, which has been found in bed bug droppings.  That is why it is best to get rid of your infestation and treat any infection on your body as quickly as possible.

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