Using Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bug Infestations

    To utilize diatomaceous earth for a bed bug infestation, you have to sprinkle the powder every place the bed bugs may be. It usually is a great idea to begin inside the bedroom, as that is where most of the infestation is going to be. However, additional areas of the house also must be treated as these bugs may spread all throughout a whole dwelling extremely quickly.

    It is vital that you get the diatomaceous earth within all the small crevices and cracks. It includes creases in upholstery, baseboards, as well as cracks in furniture. Also, you might want to sprinkle a bit inside the mattresses and box springs, as well as under and on furniture. Some professionals even advise removing outlet covers and light switch covers to sprinkle the diatomaceous earth there.

    After a couple of days, vacuum the dust up. Many exterminators advise adding a cup full to a vacuum canister or bag prior to fully vacuuming your house. After all the substance is removed, immediately dispose of its contents in the vacuum cleaner. Seal it inside a plastic bag prior to disposing of it outside.

    Also, diatomaceous earth may assist in preventing bed bug infestations. You can sprinkle a thin layer of the dust inside baseboards and additional cracks, underneath furniture, and in between the mattress and box spring. For extra protection, a handful of people even place 4 strong dishes that are filled up with diatomite underneath each of their bed’s legs.

    Even though food-grade diatomaceous earth generally is safe, even for pets and small children, exterminators advise a few safety precautions while spreading it around. Usually, gloves are an excellent idea, as is a respirator or mask. It’ll prevent the thin particles from irritating the fragile mucous membranes of your nose, lungs, and throat.

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