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    • Bed Bugs attack the Police

      Bed Bugs found in Philadelphia Police Departments

      bed bug infested prison cellPolice have enough work to do, dealing with bed bugs shouldn’t be part of it. In Philadelphia, some police departments are facing big problems with bed bug infestations. Mayor of Philadelphia has announced that about $11 million will go toward improving the police department facilities to help prevent bed bugs, among other things.

      The Police Union in Philadelphia, have asked the city to help in the repairs from these bed bug infestations. Some holding cells have been found with bed bugs and therefore cannot be used until the bed bugs are removed. In addition, instead of bringing their work home, police are bringing bed bugs home. The police union has to send exterminators to clean out these infested homes.

      bed bug, frontal view

      The fight against bed bugs in police departments is not a small one – it can not be solved with a few exterminations. The facilities are in bad conditions and the $11 million set aside for police department repairs and upgrades should reduce the chance of bed bugs returning in the future.

      Read more at http://lewistownsentinel.com/page/content.detail/id/147161/Philly-FOP--Bedbugs--fleas-among-facility-problems-.html?isap=1&nav=5013

    • Bed Bug Wedding Nightmare

      Bed Bugs in Ohio Hotel Room

      Imagine going to bed on your wedding night, only to find bed bugs crawling all over your hotel mattress! Could you think of any worse way to end what is supposed to be the best night of your life?

      Bed Bug Travel Protection Well that nightmare is exactly what happened to a couple from Ohio who spent their wedding night packing up and leaving a bed bug ridden hotel room. Other members of the wedding party also left the infested hotel after one child felt a bed bug bite. The affected parties immediately drove home – in the middle of the night – and spent the early hours of the morning washing their clothes to prevent any bed bugs from spreading.

      The families who were forced to leave the hotel because of bed bugs, called for a refund on their rooms but the hotel refused to give them their money back. Claiming there were no bed bugs in the rooms, they only offered 50% off their next room. The Ohio hotel did not want to give other customers the chance to demand their money back because of a “false” case of bed bugs.

      Bed bugs or not, this story definitely underscores the importance of watching out for bed bugs when you travel. Read more about protecting against bed bugs when traveling here.

    • Volunteers Work to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

      A New Bed Bug Volunteering Project

      In Kreta Ayer, Singapore a new volunteering program has been created – the Stop Pests Project. This projected two-month program, beginning on September 11, 2011, aims to help clean 150 bed bug infested houses on Block 51 – a main rental block in Kreta Ayer.

      'Stop Pests Project' targets 150 bed bug infested homes

      Many elderly and poor individuals, living in this area, are unable to afford getting rid of bed bugs in their houses and so they live alongside the blood-sucking critters. This Stop Pests Project has already racked up corporate investors and has taken public donations to help cover the estimated cost of $250,000.Bed bug infested mattress

      The Stop Pest Project has employed an Origin Exterminators’ beagle to help locate the bed bugs within the many houses. This use of dogs to find bed bugs is a new practice that has been growing both within the United States and out. Once the bed bugs have been located, over 100 volunteers have begun packing up houses for extermination.

      This two-month project is only a test run of what could be a huge campaign to help clean the city of infestations and perhaps prevent bed bugs in the future. In addition to increasing the number of houses targeted by this volunteer program, head of the Stop Pest Project, Dr. Neo hopes to eventually have enough funding to replace the infested furniture and bed bug ridden mattresses.   

      Read more about protecting your mattresses from infestations at http://lnk.nu/bedbug.com/1s15.aspx

    • “Bedbugs” Hits the Bookshelves

      "Bedbugs," on sale September 6, 2011, is a book you might not want to read before going to bed. That is, unless you have protective bed bug encasements.

      "Bedbugs" book hits the shelves on September 6th

      Bedbug book, Ben H. Winters

      We’ve all read books that make our skin crawl, remember Goosebumps – the  blood-curling books of the 90s? But author Ben H. Winters takes this idea to a whole ‘nother, more literal, level in his book “Bedbugs”. In his modern take of Ira Levin’s “Rosemary’s Baby”, his main character Susan Wendt finds herself going crazy over bedbugs that seem to be a figment of her own imagination.

      Susan and her husband Alex, along with their daughter move into a new, seemingly too-good-to-be-true, apartment. The apartment really does turn out to be too-good-to-be-true when Susan discovers a bed bug bite on one of her portraits. Then the bedbug bites start showing up all around the apartment, including on Susan herself. But for some reason neither Alex nor her daughter Emily ever wake up with any bites and both don’t seem to think the house is infested. Susan thinks she’s having hallucinations after an exterminator examines the house and announces it is bedbug free. Yet, Susan continues to be tormented by these critters. Winters spares no detail in describing the bugs crawling all over Susan’s body leaving a trail of bed bug bites as she helplessly lies in bed. Reading the book you certainly do not feel any better than Winters’ character does – in fact you almost can’t help running to your bed, yanking off the covers and checking your sheets for signs of these horrific bugs.

      While the book is intense and thrilling it is definitely made for a strong-stomached audience, so if that is not you be careful before picking up Winters’ “Bedbugs” off the bookstore shelves.

    • Bed bug research searches for new ways to kill bed bugs

      Be d bug elimination has become increasingly difficult and expensive. Killing bed bugs takes up time and often involves paying hundreds of dollars to fumigators or bed bug exterminators.

      bed bug research to kill bed bugs


      Entomologist Coby Schal of North Carolina State University (NCSU) was recently awarded a $75,000 grant to research new ways to eliminate bed bugs. I recently read a post in response to our youtube bedbug video that read:

      I can not believe that we can send men to the moon, probes into space, creating drones to the war, but when small bugs have come is the age of caves, pathetic! !

      But since the elimination of DDT, these small bugs seem to be a true cause for concern for many people. We already know that bed bugs are attracted to human heat and CO2. This recent NCSU bed bug research is currently working to understand what exactly bed bugs are attracted to within human blood, so that one day we can create an effective bed bug trap to be able to eliminate these critters in a cost effective way. To watch a video about this research, please click here.

      • How much money have you spent getting rid of bed bugs? Vote Here


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    • Where do bed bugs come from?

      Bed bugs across the world have people asking the question - Where do they come from? Everyone wants to know where these critters originate and how to eliminate them. Bedbug.com provides some answers to this question and many more bed bug mysteries.

      So, where do Bed Bugs Come From?

      where do bed bugs come from?, bed bugs box spring


      • Bed bugs reside in temperate zones across the world.
      • Bed bug infestations have increased due to an increase in international travel, and avaliable hosts.
      • Due to the elimination of powerful pesticides, such as DDT, in the 1950's, bed bugs have been able to rebuild thier populations.
      • Recent research indicates that bedbugs have become more resilient to recent methods of killing bed bugs.
      • Common locations for bed bug infestation are in hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, hostels, cruise ships, hospitals, and moving vans. However, bed bugs can reside anywhere and survive for months without a single blood meal!

       Where do bed bugs hide in your home?

      • Bed bugs hide during the day, and do most of thier feeding at night.
      • Bed bugs typically hide nears beds; in mattresses, box springs and headboards. This is where the bed bugs can typically feed for longest while you sleep.
      • Bed bugs are typically transported though luggage, bedding, clothing and used furniture.

      How Can I Protect A Bed or Luggage from Bed Bugs?

    • Bed Bugs Bite Vacationers to Hawaii

      bedbug.com hotel, hawaii bed bugs, bed bugs travel, mattress covers, mattress encasement, bed bug pillow protectors


      Waikiki  - Bed bugs have made thier way to the vacation hot spot of Waikiki, ruining a vacation for one New Jersey family. The family states that they found bed bugs as well as bed bug fecal stains on thier at the Waikiki Sunset hotel mattresses.

      Bed bugs are said to have spread via worldwide travel, and here is one traumatic example of such a bed bug infestation. The family was immidiately moved to a new floor and compensated for thier stay, but claim that they are still suffering bedbug anxiety, and are unable to sleep through the night.

      Bed bugs seem to be making a true comeback in Hawaii and may hitch rides to and from this tropical location through increased travel thoughout the US and the world. In fact in 2010, "a professional exterminator told Hawaii News Now his company was responding to three or four bed bug infestations a week on Oahu," both in homes, hotels or even restaurants.

      This reinforces the need to check your hotel for bed bugs and invest in bedbug travel protection prior to planning your next family vacation.

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    • Bed bugs show up in New York City public schools

      In New York City, bed bugs have been reportedly found in public schools and even one famous Sports Club. So don’t let the name fool you; bed bugs don’t just stay in your bed.

      Bed Bugs in NYC Public Schools
      bed bug infestation, bed bugs on clothes, bed bugs spread
      Bed bugs travel from private homes into classrooms using students as their form of transportation. Bed bugs in NYC public schools is not a new phenomenon, just a growing one. With each unlucky New York City public schools’ discovery, this increasingly frequent occurrence draws more attention due to the school’s obligation to inform parents when even just one of these bugs is found.

      Students carry the blood-sucking bugs on their clothes or even their book bags making it all the more important for parents to prevent infestations in their homes. While measures have been taken to encourage parents to prevent bed bug infestations many homes are already affected and therefore keep this problem ongoing. If prevention is no longer an option, parents should at least act to contain their problem with products like SecureSleep™ Smart Buy for Home.

      mattress covers prevent bed bugs | SecureSleep These products can trap bed bugs where their name suggests they belong – the bed – and with bed bug proof bedding covers prevent the bugs from biting and spreading. By isolating the problem, NYC schools are hoping to see less numbers of these critters that have increased by three times this past year and caused considerable damage.

      Read more about the NYC public school bed bug problems at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2017740/Start-scratching--The-number-bedbugs-New-York-Citys-public-schools-TRIPLES-year.html

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