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    • Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite……It’s Not a Cute Rhyme Anymore

      When I was younger, every night before bed my mom used to say, ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite.’ It was like our bedtime ritual and I couldn’t fall asleep without her saying it.

      Now I am 43 married with 3 children, and I don’t find the bed bug rhyme so amusing anymore.

      Seven months ago, my son came back from a school camping trip. He returned with a huge backpack full of dirty laundry, to be expected from a teenage boy, I suppose. However, what wasn’t to be expected was the nightmare he also brought back.

      Tuesday morning, my husband and I woke up with huge bites all over our bodies. bed bug bite, bedbug bite, bedbug bites, bed bug bites, bite on arm, bedbug bite on arm, itchy bite, itchy bites, bedbugs itch, bed bugs bitch My husband’s bites weren’t as bad as mine, but nevertheless they were still very bad. I realized instantly that my son’s laundry that I had done the night before must have been infested with bed bugs.

      I don’t know how, but they spread all over the house like wild fire. The exterminator found infestations in the crevices of our couches, the bottom of our curtains and in all our mattresses and especially the box springs.

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      I couldn’t believe it - what used to be a cute rhyme has now turned into a living nightmare for my family and I consisting of sleepless nights full of itching, tossing and turning (which then lead to red and swollen eyes – due to the lack of sleep). The mental and physical stress and anxiety which we all endured was horrendous. Don’t even talk to me about the expense! A good chunk of our savings went into the bed bug treatments.

      Thank goodness it’s all over now and I wouldn’t wish that experience on my worst enemy.

      The exterminator highly recommended we cover our mattresses, pillows and box springs in anti bed bug protectors, which we did. I listened to every word the exterminator said, like it was holy writ, because I never wanted to have any sort of bug ever again!!

      One last sobering point I want to make – while the exterminator did a great job – very professional – he reminded me that even after all the effort, we could easily find ourselves with yet another bed bug infestation next week, because these bugs are smart and travel very easily. However, those encasements make it much easier to prevent them from gaining any serious foothold, and also make detection much easier.


      Living in a country with the most recently increasing bed bug reports and the majority of those being in New York State, I figured I’d go somewhere exotic like Hawaii for college. However the joke is on me now, ‘cos student housing in Honolulu has proven not to be much better.

      Four months ago, I think it was a Sunday morning I woke up having had the worst nights sleep ever, I just assumed it was down to the few to many drinks I had at my friend’s birthday the night before. After being awake for less than 10 minutes and itching incessantly, I ran to the mirror, and proceeded to yell.

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      I ran to the Dr with a hoodie pulled so far down my face that it hid the bed bug bites but I could barely see where I was walking.

      The Dr said that there wasn’t much he could do, I felt like I was in a living nightmare. I went home and searched the internet. The consensus I got was to hire a professional bed bug exterminator and purchase anti bedbug covers for my mattress and pillows to avoid another situation like this, I even purchased a anti bed bug laundry bag.

      It’s ironic because even though I was escaping New York which is one of the most highly infested bed bug states in the U.S I ended up getting them in my student housing in Honolulu.
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      I am happy to report that 4 months have passed and although I’m still recovering, mentally, bed bug wise, I’m in the clear!

    • Bedbug Stories

      Everyone either has their own bedbug story or knows of someone who has been affected by bedbugs, or even suffered from bedbug bites. In this case, there is probably only three degrees of separation. Either a personal incident happened to you, or you know of a friend or relative who was infested with bedbugs or whose parents were invaded by these blood suckers. Even those who were not personally affected by bedbugs have seen advertisements or heard on the news about incidents of bed bug infestations at hotels or universities.

      Working at Bedbug.com, whenever I tell someone what I do for a living, they are not surprised in the least bit. While they find it to be an interesting job description, they have all heard about the bedbug epidemic sweeping across the nation. It makes complete sense that you would want to protect your bedding.

      In fact, while researching bed bug stories, I realized I didn’t really have to go too far.

      As a matter a fact, we just had new neighbors move in from Detroit. I went over to introduce myself. Crazy enough, the wife had just gotten off from a phone conversation with a client in Detroit who was being evicted by his landlord because he had a bedbug infestation in his apartment.

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      Her client bought second hand furniture in a thrift store and brought bedbugs into her home. She now knows it was a bad idea. But what she didn’t know was that she actually does not need to the throw away the mattress. Instead, she can encase it and keep it. The bad news is that the landlord wanted her to spend $1,500 on an exterminator and she does not have the money to do so. The husband, who is a medical practitioner, said that he has recently seen a lot of cases of people in Detroit coming in from multi-unit housing areas complaining of major itching and swelling of welts on their legs, hands, and body. Years ago, he would have never even thought it was a bedbug bite as they look very similar to mosquito bites. But now, it’s becoming very common to see these cases, and he is well aware of how quickly an infestation can come about if not taken care of properly.

      My cousin just finished telling me about a remediation job he read about where the building management had to pay $100,000 to get rid of their infestation, because no one wanted to move into the building once they heard about the bedbugs. The current tenants were very mad and blamed it on certain neighbors, making relationships in the building very tense. The landlord brought in specially trained dogs and had a freezing technique applied to the building. A week later, I had a meeting with an advertising company and the owner said that his dad’s building just went through a similar experience in NY. After receiving various quotes for the job, they called an emergency board meeting to determine who to trust to get rid of the bedbug problem. He told me that that luxury building looked like a war zone for 2 weeks.

      And just this morning, my ride to work told me that he was just recently reading a book, which discussed bedbugs in the 1950s, and how it ruined some people’s lives back then. He told me that he was recently listening to a podcast on the radio about the current rise of bedbugs and how it sounded eerily similar to the 1950’s bedbug battle.

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      A month ago, I visited a nursing home where they had bedbug issues 2 years ago. Fortunately, they have been bedbug free ever since they instituted a protocol to protect against them.

      I heard of a young lady who had volunteered in a special needs home and then woke up with bedbug bites. Her new husband rented a beautiful vacation home in England last summer and laid down on the sofa for a rest, and woke up in the middle of the night screaming of excessive itching. His family couldn’t figure out what had happened to him.

      One time, I interviewed someone for a position and she mentioned how her roommate went traveling and brought bedbugs home. The roommate went to the doctor after developing welts and finally found out what the problem was. The doctor instructed them to sleep with the lights on and call in a cleaning crew immediately. The exterminator gave them a whole list of things to do, which I was told was daunting and impossible to complete.

      Just this week, I had a customer called up frantic, as she just had an infestation and wanted next day delivery. She had just completed an extermination job, and wanted to encase her new mattresses and box springs before her great aunt came to visit.

      My niece had bedbugs in her bunkhouse at summer camp. A friend who deals in lice called me up to ask what she should do. After hearing her parent’s story she said, “…and I thought lice were bad.” Her parents just called in an exterminator, spent $700 and then another $300 for a follow up call and were still itching at night. I referred her to one of the reputable Bedbug.com authorized distributors and he came right out to deal with the case. The issue was that the mattresses were not encased, allowing new eggs to hatch. Re-infestations can happen almost instantaneously.

      I had another friend who went to visit his parents with his family in Brooklyn, NY and their son got all bitten up. His parents went with the more expensive treatment methods to get rid of the bugs, namely freezing. However, his sister-in-law in Ohio had a similar problem last year and only wanted to use less expensive, organic means which were not as effective.
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      The problem is that bedbugs are not going away so quickly. We all have to take a proactive approach. When I listen to some of our customer stories about how quickly they have been infected and how their lives spiraled into turmoil overnight, I can hear the sense of urgency and frustration in their voices. Too many people who suffer from bed bug infestations are forces to stress about their infestation 20 hours a day, and can’t get anything else done.

      The list of occurrences is endless. But there is a proactive resolution to these anecdotes, making me proud to say that I am working for Bedbug.com. Bedbug.com is one of the few companies out there that is supplying answers and solutions to people who have been crazed with this plague - and we are a making a difference.

    • How to avoid bed bug bites when traveling

      Author: Jamie Simpson

      Anyone planning to travel should know what to do in order to avoid getting bitten by the bed bugs. The first thing is try not to ever encounter them at all if you can help it, but travelers cannot always be sure they haven't been exposed to them so it is a good idea to always take necessary precautions whenever you are anywhere that there may be a potential for bed bugs to be nesting; such as hotel rooms, etc... to ensure that you do not get bit by these critters.

      It is important to know what bed bugs look like so that you may correctly identify them if you see any. They are brownish red in color and they are small, flat and round, but not too small that you cannot see them. Bed Bugs feast on human and animal blood in order to survive and it is the only thing they are looking for. They will attach themselves to a viable host and suck the skin until their entire body inflates with blood causing them to plump up and turn completely red. You can see the blood right through their skin once they have ingested it. They are similar to a tick, or a flea, but unlike ticks, they usually won't stay attached onto their host for very long. They will bite, suck and then move on. They leave behind red itchy welts that will usually heal in a couple of days. Since they are relatively small, their bite is not very big. As far as the bite itself, it is usually painless as well as harmless. If anything, the person who experiences a bed bug bite is more traumatized emotionally than anything else.

      They like to hide out in cracks, crevices, creases, and seams, which can make them hard to find but not hard to see. Since they are good at being undetected, it has allowed them to spread and lately there has been increasing reports of bed bug bites in the US. Travelers do not realize that the bugs have found their way into their luggage and this tends to be the number one reason people carry them along onto their next destination, whether it be home, another hotel, or a family member or friends house.

      The best and most effective way to avoid getting bed bug bites is to invest in a bed bug mattress cover. They are specifically designed to keep bed bugs sealed up inside the mattress and are even bite proof. This is a good idea if you anticipate traveling anywhere no matter how short the trip may be. You never know where you may find them.

      These types of covers are only effective provided they are used correctly. They have to cover and seal the entire mattress making sure you do not leave the zipper open at all. it must be kept zipped while in use on a mattress. This is recommended for travel only to use on beds that are unfamiliar to you. It is not a permanent solution and therefore would not be a good idea to use them if you have bed bugs in your home. That will require a different course of action and this information is only intended for those traveling. It is also important that you clean these covers in between uses, making sure that any bed bugs trapped inside be properly exterminated and disposed of.

      You have to wash the covers in very hot water or you can put the cover in a sealed plastic bag and store it in the freezer. Any bed bugs trapped inside will freeze and die, then you can simply unzip the cover and easily dispose of the dead bugs the following day. Make sure this is done between uses. Both the heat from hot water or the cold from the freezer will definitely kill bedbugs.

      Sprays are also available which you can buy and use in addition to the bed bug mattress cover in order to help keep bed bugs off of you while you are asleep. Select a spray that will not irritate your skin if at all possible and check with your local outdoor gear or camping store, they should carry this product. A quite effective way to avoid any bed bug bites is to have both the mattress cover and the spray in use while sleeping in any unfamiliar bed such as in a hotel room.

      The only way to prevent any bed bug bite is to to never allow them the chance to bite you in the first place. But there could be a time when you just happen to stumble across them and it is best for you to be prepared. Always carry these items with you while traveling. It's your surest bet against getting bed bug bites.

      About the Author:

      Article Source: www.linkroll.com -
      How To Avoid Bed Bug Bites When Traveling

    • Bedbugs Cleaned Me Out

      I am a single mother of five, and was struggling to put food on the table. To make a living, I found a job in housekeeping for an upscale hotel. I worked hard and kept my head down. No one really noticed me, and I liked it that way. I got home every night to give my children dinner and do their homework with them. I was so thankful for my job, and I put in extra hours whenever needed. I worked there for three years, but one day everything changed.

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      I came into work as usual and started my rounds, cleaning one room after the other, when I noticed, hidden in the crevices of a mattress what looked like brown dots, about the size of an apple seed. I didn’t take much notice, but started checking all the mattresses and box springs in the other bedrooms and realized that these little brown dots were everywhere. Those dots were not merely brown dots, but bedbugs! I read the news from time to time and know that blood-sucking bedbugs are relentlessly taking over everywhere, and that hotels are not immune. But I never really thought they would crawl their way into this 5 star luxury hotel.

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      Suddenly, I felt like I was stuck. I considered my options. If I alerted the hotel management, they would surely hold the cleaning staff responsible, thinking that the infestation had spread due to a lack of cleanliness, and I was afraid the rest of the staff would blame me for bringing it to the management’s attention. However, I’ve seen photos of bedbug bites and heard stories about bedbugs and bedbug treatments, and I knew that if I sat back and did nothing, future hotel guests would suffer. I had worked so hard in this job as the only provider for my family, and I felt like this decision was forcing me to gamble with that security.

      I tossed these two options back and forth in my head for a few hours, and ultimately concluded that I really only had one option, which was to tell the truth -so that’s exactly what I did. I alerted the necessary personnel, who assured me that the hotel was grateful to me for bringing it to their attention. I was so relieved as I thought; ‘all’s well that ends well.’

      But that wasn’t the end. Three days later, I was fired for what they called ‘unfounded accusations’.

      I felt like I had let my family down, and worse than that, I was being punished for my honesty. They took everything from me and for what? I recently heard that the hotel is still having a major ongoing bedbug infestation, and trying to figure out how to kill and prevent bedbugs.

      Today, seven months later, I manage a successful home cleaning agency. I guess that terrible moment wasn’t that bad after all, as it ended up changing everything for the better.

    • The Bed Bug Epidemic and the Ensuing Social Stigma

      With the elimination of DDT and the increase in worldwide travel, the entire globe has been forced to face a recent bed bug epidemic. As if the itching, house clearing, laundry cleaning, and extermination cost are not enough, many individuals are faced with ensuing social dilemmas. These social dilemmas fall on both sides of the infestation; meaning that both the individual who is being infested and the family and friends of such an individual feel the not so subtle effect of this bed bug epidemic.
      Anyone who has ever come in contact with, or even read up on bed bug infestations knows that there is an immense amount of stress that one faces when dealing with bed bugs in their home (finding an exterminator to kill your bed bugs, packing up the house, washing clothes and sheets, encasing bedding, etc.). However, most people are less aware of how it feels to be an acquaintance of someone facing the bed bug epidemic. Here are a few dilemmas to consider:
      Dilemma 1 – Bed Bugs & Clutterbedbugs, dorm room, bedding, mattress cover
      There are the simple brawls, such as the common ‘neat freak’, who is forced to live in the same college dorm with her messy roommate. You may even get along very well with your roommate, but when she leaves lots of clutter around, the opportunities for bed bugs to hide and infest your bed nearly double! What is a bed bug fearing neat freak to do?
      Dilemma 2 – Bed Bug Horror Stories Coming to Visit
      Here’s where the social stigma gets even more complicated. bed bug news, visits, bed bug free, newspaper, bed bug articles Say Leo just got back from traveling around the country. His bags are filled with souvenirs, dirty clothes, and (yikes) possibly bed bugs! Now, Leo would like to crash at your place. You’ve read dozens of horror stories in the news about bed bug infestations across the country. Obviously, you do not want bed bugs, and sharing living quarters almost always means sharing a bed bug infestation. But then again, you do not want to leave Leo out on the streets simply because he may have bed bugs – what kind of friend would do that? And what if Leo is your family member? Is blood-sucking thicker than blood? Good question.
      No one should ever have to be faced with such a situation. Here’s a suggestion – On Leo’s next birthday, consider getting him a Smart Buy for Travel from Bedbug.com (hint, hint).
      Dilemma 3 – Dreaded Dorm Room Living
      This one’s a real doozie. You are a freshman at college. You live in the dorm – tons of fun. You and your roomie get along great, and manage to keep your room livable, if not exactly spotless. But, it’s the rest of the rabble in your building that worries you – and well it should. Why? Bed bugs! Probably coming from that room down the way that has pizza boxes spilling out into the hallway. So what to do? Cover your pillows, mattresses and laundry! It’s the best way to stop bed bugs from taking refuge in your bedding and other vulnerable places-like in your clothes (unless your school mascot happens to be the bed bug, in which case, just go with it). Otherwise, Bedbug.com offers an economical package deal for just such an occasion – Smart Buy for Dorm Room Protection.
      bed bug, bedbugs, dorm room, pillow protector, pillow cover, encasement, no bed bugs Plus, you don’t want to be responsible for bringing those bloodsuckers home to the family when you head out for the holidays, do you? Mom would NOT be happy.
      Dilemma 4 – Your Property, Your Bed Bugs
      Let’s be honest now. No one has the ideal relationship with their neighbors. Who wants someone constantly in close proximity to them, knowing their every move? Especially if you’ve got bed bugs, you’ve already got plenty of critters who fit that description. But what if that pesky (or perhaps even friendly) neighbor’s got bed bugs. prevent bed bugs, multi-family dwelling, tenant, landlord, housing. neighbors, infestation That’s right! You’re next in line for blood sucking paranoia and itchy, sleepless nights. I’m sure your first instinct is to gut their apartment and ship them and their new crawling residents out to sea. But we all know that isn’t an option, so how do we protect ourselves from our neighbors and their unwanted squatters? Even if your neighbor is careless and his house is infested, that doesn’t mean yours will be. As long as you take the right precautions to protect your home and your family, you should be okay. How do you do that, you ask? Well, you can start by encasing every pillow, mattress and box spring in the house. And don’t forget to encase the babies’ crib or the laundry bags. Yes indeed, Bedbug.com has thought of just about everything to keep your family bed bug free.
      Dilemma 5 – Bed Bugs and the Office
      work, business, bed bug bites, corporate, social stigma, no bed bugs, prevent bed bugs, kill bed bugs, bedbugsErica lives in an upscale suburban neighborhood and is a partner at a well-known law firm. About six months ago, she woke up one morning with bites all over her back. Initially, she assumed that she had been attacked by mosquitoes, and thinking nothing of it, resumed her daily routine. However, the next day was anything but routine. Erica had barely opened her eyes when she noticed big red welts running up and down her arms. One of the first things she thought of was: “how am I going to show up to work like this.” After visiting her local doctor, her fears were justified – she had bed bugs! Erica went into a panic. What was she going to tell her colleagues when they asked - and they were going to ask! This was a living nightmare for Erica. She missed three weeks of work due to the embarrassing social stigma of having bed bugs; (not to mention the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights and time loss.)
      The above five stories are merely examples of situations, the likes of which happen daily across the globe. Because a bed bug bite doesn’t only leave it’s host itching. Bed bug infestations also affect the friends, relatives, and the society in which we live. As a population, we need to learn to take preventative measures against bed bug infestations, especially in dorms and other multi-family dwellings. Landlords, take note.
      Because once bed bugs strike, clearing, cleaning, exterminator searching, and stressing about bed bug bites is inevitable. However, prior to bed bug infestations, Bedbug.com has created a full line of scientifically tested anti-bed bug encasement products that, as part of a total pest management solution, are designed to keep your messy roommate, backpacking friend, nosy neighbor, corporate sister-in-law, and most importantly, yourself bed bug free. And with Bedbug.com’s “no questions asked” 21-day money back guarantee, there’s no good reason not to reward yourself with a SecureSleep™ from www.bedbug.com.

    • Bed Bugs and Football

      Bedbug.com Staff Writer
      November 25th, 2009

      Protecting your home is like a football game – and you’re always on defense. Day in and day out the dishes pile up, the toys seem to move about by themselves and laundry, seemingly of its own accord, scatters itself in the TV room, the bathroom and all over every one of your children’s bedroom floors. Your best efforts feel like a losing battle but you go on and reach for that touchdown that is a clean house. Here’s the thing: no matter how clean your house, once those articles of clothing are strewn around you may have lost the game – to Bed Bugs. bed bug, football, bedbug, bedbug.com

      Many people do not realize that bed bugs are excellent travelers. They’re naturally sticky and have a gift for clinging to the coat, shirt or sock that happened to be tossed aside on the floor of any given schoolroom, hotel bedroom or co-ed dormitory. They happily hang on until that one piece of attire is picked up, placed in a bag or piece of luggage and then carried to the next destination, only to sit on another floor or surface. Then all they have to do is wait – literally.

      A few bed bugs, capable of laying five eggs a day over a lifetime of three to four months when feeding on blood, can patiently wait up to a year for a meal. Those bugs brought home in any bag could sit in some corner, waiting for the next piece of clothing to be dropped. They could also make a bed their new home when the dirty laundry is strewn about after a long, hard day at work or by a child who is less-than-enthusiastic about daily cleaning.

      You know the offense has certain advantages and you know that you need to adjust your defensive strategy. So what can you do? Managing yourself is difficult enough with work, traveling and meetings, but with a spouse, children in school and one or more coming home from college to visit how do you stop those bed bugs from invading and infesting your home, making you and your family their next source of food and shelter and causing you untold in mental anguish and financial damages. Bedbug.com has one of the best defensive tools available for your home protection.

      Bedbug.com is the only encasement manufacturer providing you with the exclusive patent pending micro-zipper-technology laundry bag for protection from bed bug infiltration. The Bedbug.com laundry bag is secure and impermeable to stop the penetration of bed bugs in fabric. A simple bag in each bedroom means no clothes with bugs on the floor. The bugs can’t get in or out. Even if one or two manage to cling to a shirt or pair of jeans they’re in the bag until laundry day – and if you wash and dry your clothes properly you’ll be doing half the work to prevent a bed bug outbreak in your home. It only works with the secure laundry bag, though. Think of it as the best defense available for your family.

      Additionally, if you’re traveling for business or your child is coming home from camp or school the Bedbug.com luggage liner prevents infestation just like the laundry bags. You don’t know who was in the hotel room before you and co-ed living is always on the run and a mess but with the Bedbug.com premium luggage liner no bugs will get in or out. Traveling just became a lot safer.

      The prevent-defense is your best defense. You’re busy and your family is always on the move. We all know it’s the simple things that make life easier and safer. Buckling up takes but a second. Once the exclusive Bedbug.com laundry bag is in each bedroom, the quick act of tossing your dirty clothes inside and not on the floor is a sure fire way to add another layer of protection to your lives.

      No one wants to sit around with the family on football Sunday scratching those bumpy bites after a sleepless night of itching. You don’t have to. Bedbug.com has your defensive tools ready: patent pending micro-zipper laundry bag and luggage liner – for your family’s health and safety. Protect and prevent. It’s that easy.

      Visit www.bedbug.com for all your bed bug protection needs!

    • Bedbug.com Give Away! Enter to win a one-of-a-kind SecureSleep (TM) Laundry Bag

      This December, Bedbug.com is giving away a free bed bug laundry bag and mug to every one in ten people who submit their personal bed bug story to the customer service email address that can be found by going to the bedbug.com contact us page.
      Hurry, this offer is only good for the month of December, and only while supplies last. And every 1 in 10 wins! So go ahead, get out your pen, and make it a bed bug free year!

      We got so many great bed bug stories, that we are EXTENDED BEDBUG.COM GIVEAWAY OFFER THROUGH JANUARY!

      Your just a click away from winning!

    • All Hail the Laundry Bag!‎

      Ok, so it seems those nasty little blood suckers are back. No, it’s not election season ‎again – we’re talking bed bugs. That’s right – BED BUGS. These little insects have been ‎wreaking havoc for millennia, then in the 1950’s they were all but wiped out by the ‎pesticide DDT. However since then, through a variety of factors such as the banning of ‎DDT, increased international travel, genetic evolution and even global warming, they ‎have made a startling comeback. The US East Coast has been particularly hard hit, with ‎New York being seen as bed bug central.‎

      So, what to do about it? A case could be made for unsheathing all those old nuclear bomb ‎shelters from the cold war and just riding it out until a cure comes along, but ‎conventional methods might be more prudent. Enter Bedbug.com’s line of anti-bed bug ‎protective products. ‎

      bed bug, bedbugs, laundry bag

      While there are mattress, box spring and pillow covers, which are outstanding, and make ‎up the end cap of a total pest control solution to bed bugs (not to mention a nice party ‎gift), there is one product we wish to point out, if for no other reason then its sheer ‎uniqueness within the pantheon of bed bug products. Introducing the SecureSleep™ ‎Laundry Bag. ‎

      Now, we’ll understand it if you don’t get warm fuzzies over a laundry bag, but give it a ‎chance, and you might. This, you see, is no ordinary laundry bag. Is it made of titanium ‎and kryptonite? No. But, it is made of 100% micro-polyester, which won’t allow these ‎insidious creatures to get in or out. Add that to our Ziptech(TM) zipper design, known as Zip ‎Tech™ (what else would you call a patent pending zipper technology?), specially reinforced ‎seams, a rubberized liner for extra durability, and there you have it – one fancy-schmancy ‎and effective anti-bed bug Laundry Bag. Even has a lifetime warranty. Pretty good, huh?‎

      Ok, we know that by now, you are probably asking why laundry bags are important when ‎it comes to bed bugs. After all, don’t they attack you in your bed? Well, yes they do. But ‎to get there, they generally crawl along the floor first, and yes, you guessed it – that’s ‎where most folks keep their dirty laundry (see elections above, as well).‎

      Seriously, though, part of any effective bed bug prevention plan includes keeping these ‎bugs out of your clothing. The females of the species lay about 5 eggs per day, so what ‎starts out as a small problem with bed bugs can suddenly end up being a very nasty, ‎expensive, itchy and large one. Trust us here – you don’t want it. ‎

      So, be pro-active and make sure you stock up on these beauties – use them for your clean ‎clothes AND your dirty clothes. Use them when you travel, along with anti-bed bug ‎luggage liners and travel pillows with encasement. Use ‎them while you’re away at college – bed bugs are a real big problem on campus, too. ‎Also, keep a few extras for your guest room, because goodness knows where those folks ‎have been! ‎

    • A Bed Bug’s Life – A Narrative.‎

      Life is good for a bed bug. I’m never wanting for a meal. I always have ‎someplace to lay my head. I’m not picky, really. After all, blood is blood. I ‎only hatched a few months ago, but I’ve already fed on my hosts and ‎molted in their bed five times. That makes me a grown up. As a female bed ‎bug, being a grown up means laying eggs - up to five at a time. Eat and lay ‎eggs, eat and lay eggs. And my hosts don’t even protect their mattress or ‎pillows with encasements. I’m a free-range bed bug! A few of my friends ‎stuck to the nightshirt of my male host and dropped off in his children’s ‎bedroom. They’re having a great time. Man…life is good.‎ It all started a little over three months ago - I wasn’t even a twinkle in my ‎mother’s eyes. She was two months old and living in a wonderful four-‎bedroom home in an upper middle-class neighborhood. During the day ‎she’d hang out between the mattress and the headboard. The maid never ‎saw her. She arrived there at only a few weeks old. She’d traveled inside a ‎suitcase that was brought home by the mother of the home. The entire ‎family had gone on vacation, and the mother casually left her suitcase open ‎on the floor of the hotel room. There was no encasing, no micro-polyester - ‎nothing. Momma bug just crawled on in. ‎ She hung out for a few weeks in this nice house and then, after a few days, ‎she laid a few eggs, like she does every day. For a week I was one of those ‎eggs. One among five in a cluster, surrounded by a sticky substance that ‎kept us all nicely attached to the headboard. And then, after a week, there I ‎was! Hello world!‎ Climbing out of my shell, I was the apple of mom’s eye – a bed bug nymph. ‎Beige and healthy, I hung around the edge of the bed for a while, checking ‎the place out. After a few nights I ventured out. Hey…I was hungry. So ‎there I was, free as a bird to pick my meal. I found a nice spot right above the ankle of the mom of the house. It was my first time, but I knew what to ‎do – and I did, digging in. Oh, the taste of her blood, what a magnificent ‎feast! And right after I ate, I was no longer that newborn beige. I’d become ‎a plump and beautiful red. I was so proud.‎ While the hosts were off working and taking the kids to soccer, I molted for ‎the first time. Right under their pillow, I just left the discarded ‘me’ on their ‎bed sheet. Over the next few weeks I fed over and over, and molted five ‎more times. My brothers and sisters from my egg cluster were right there ‎with me. They were having a great time eating, molting, eating, molting. On ‎and on we went. Then one day no one came home.‎ About 3am, I was rather hungry, as I usually am. I wandered out but still no ‎one home. Wouldn’t you know it…they went away for a month on another ‎vacation. One of my siblings overheard them talking about going away and ‎letting us starve to death. Really, I didn’t mind. I can go over a year without ‎feeding. I’m quite patient. So they came home and there I was. Welcome ‎home!‎ Oh how I fed! I’d missed my hosts. And wouldn’t you know it, a week after ‎they came home I laid my first egg cluster. The first had five eggs. Not bad, ‎right? The next day – yep, another five. I’m good like that.‎ So without my hosts using any kind of protective mattress or pillow ‎encasements I just fall off the sheets when they pick them up, stick to the ‎clothes they leave on the floor and hop back into bed. Some of my ‎hatchlings have even made their way to the children’s book bags. I’ve heard ‎that school is wonderful. There are so many places to stick to clothing and ‎find new hosts who take them into their homes.‎ I know you people think you have good lives. Movies, work, vacation, cars ‎and all those other things I hear you talking about. But I’m pretty happy. I’ll ‎probably spend a year in this house. I’ll lay 500 or so eggs and my children ‎will lay eggs of their own. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep – what a wonderful life. I ‎hope they don’t catch on. When they don’t protect their home, it makes my ‎life pretty easy. ‎ I know it's late. Thanks for listening. I'm going to go eat now, while they ‎sleep. I think I'll climb into the crib with their new baby tonight. Tasty!‎‎

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