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    • Great Video of bed bug nymph hatching

      I found this video online of a bed bug nymph hatching and thought it was really a excellent, clear and unique video.

      I cannot take credit for this video, as I came across it on youtube. However, I believe that whoever is responsible for this footage did an excellent job.

      If you would like to see more images of bed bugs during their life cycle, or any other bed bug images you can check out Bedbug.com's picture gallery here.

    • Bed Bug Prevention Encasement Products - On Sale Now!

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    • Bedbug.com's cruise give-away winner, David Lisanby, checks his cabin for bed bugs

      bedbug.com, beach, cruise winner, bed bugs check, bed bugsBed bug complaints have become all to common in high end cruises, hotels and other lodgings throughout the United States. Nowadays, there are even entire websites dedicated solely to bed bug complaints! Even at bedbug.com, we provide a full list of bedbug prevention travel tips for you.

      But this was not the case for our cruise giveaway winner from PestWorld 2009, David Lisanby. In fact, he reports that "The cruise was great!"

      David Lisaby and his pal, Randy traveled smart and bed bug free. They checked all of their mattresses for bed bugs when they first arrived in their cabin. Having a pleasant trip was especially important to David as this was he first cruise he's even been on!

      bed bugs, cruise, travel, bedbug.com, securesleep, mattress covers, mattress encasement, bedding, pillow protectors

      David left Freeport to a cool 72 degrees and had smooth sailing with only 19 foot waves as his cruise ship left the dock.

      Some of David's favorite moments are captured in the pictures below, where he was greeted by pirates, dined with dancing waiters and got to stroll along the beach.
      bed bugs, check for bed bugs, bed bug, cruise, winner, bedbug.com corporate blog, bedbug.com, david lisanby
      bed bug mattress cover, bed bugs bedding, bed bug check, bed bugs on cruise, bed bug protection

      Randy & David even took time out of their vacation to talk to the porter and cruise director about their specific cruises pest control services and bed bug precautions. We were all happy to hear that this cruise has both in house and outside pest services!

      While David Lisanby "would recommend that they have bedbug.com covers placed on all of their ships," he was happy to have a bed bug free cruise with dancing waiters and beautiful beaches.

    • Why a bed bug mattress cover?

      When looking for a mattress cover for my queen size bed, I kept being told to get bed bug covers for my entire family. These days it's not enough to cover your mattress, instead you must fully encase all of your bedding in bed bug bags in order to prevent bed bugs or kill any bed bugs already trapped inside.

      The more research I do on bed bugs and the more information I find out – from either people who have had first had experience unfortunately, or from bed bug videos and professionals, the more scary it is.

      They spread faster than we realize, their cunning, and their bedroom smart. They stop at nothing to feast themselves at our expense, sucking our blood right out of us from under our noises.

      The havoc they create is unimaginable unless you’ve been through it yourself. The money needed to be spent that you afford and the time it takes to get rid of them that you just don’t have drains you, physically and emotionally, it can literally drive people to insanity.

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      I heard from an entomologist that he has seen people get so desperate and pushed to the limit that they have resulted in covering their floors and sofa’s in diesel fuel; however this of course brings up other serious and dangerous problems.

      My advise is that its defiantly better to leave it to the pest control professionals but what you can and should do weather you have had bed bugs or not, make sure that all the pillows, mattresses and box springs in your house are protected with bed bug covers. I even have a laundry bag that is bed bug proof; I’m not leaving anything up to chance!!

    • Bedbug.com wants to give YOU a set of bed bug proof pillow encasements

      Bedbug.com partners with agiveawayeveryday to give away two of their high quality pillow encasements. Read more to see a review of our bedbug mattress encasements and win!
    • Bed Bugs and the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

      For some time now, it has been predicted that bed bugs would be a problem at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, and now, this harrowing bed bug prediction has already begun to come true for Canadian downhill skier Manny Osborne-Paradis. What is yet to be seen, however, is just how many bed bugs there will be and how many travelers will be returning home with bed bug bites as a result of the 2010 Olympics.

      2010 olympics, bed bug, bed bug bite, bed bug bites, bed bugs, manny osborne-paradis

      Vancouver, the hosting location of the 2010 Olympics, has already seen a doubling in reported bed bug cases for each year between 2003 and 2008. Ad now, all those people traveling to the Olympics on all those planes with all of their luggage will make the Olympic travel season ripe indeed for bed bug transfer.

      This first Olympic bed bug report by Canadian downhill skier Manny Osborne-Paradis states that Osborne-Paradis has been infested with “damned bedbugs” and is itching from bed bug bites. Osborne-Paradis, and possibly other Canadian skiers staying in the same local Canadian condo, has begun to wash his sheets and take other anti-bed bug precautions.

      Events like the Olympics are particularly problematic because when people travel, bed bugs travel, and when many people travel, many bed bugs travel! And it is no secret that, every Olympic season, many people from all over the world travel to attend the Olympics.

      If you are the owner of vacation lodging in the Vancouver area, this is a great time to look into bed bug proof mattress and pillow encasements for your entire establishment.

      If you are lucky enough to be one of the people traveling to attend the Olympics, be proactive and travel smart so that you can stay bed bug free this Olympic season.

      Here are some important bed bug travel precautions you should consider:

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      (1) Check online hotel reviews and make sure there are no recent bed bug reports where you are staying.
      (2) Look into anti-bedbug travel products such as bed bug free luggage liners and laundry bags.
      (3) Peel back hotel bed sheets to check for bed bugs.
      (4) If possible, remove the headboard and examine there for signs of bed bugs.
      (5) Check the walls, drawers and nightstands around the bed area for those same bed bug signs.
      (6) It’s a good idea to elevate suitcases off the ground because while bed bugs can crawl, they cannot jump.
      (7) If you find bed bugs, notify the hotel staff immediately, because with all the travelers in Vancouver for the Olympics, infestations can spread awfully fast if left unchecked. Also, you’ll probably want a new room at that point.
      (8) Lastly, when you leave the hotel, check your luggage for bed bugs, and launder all clothes upon returning home.

      For more bed bug travel tips, news stories and anti bed bug travel products, please visit us at www.bedbug.com.

    • Bed Bug Tips for Travel and Home

      Bedbug.com is proud to announce the most comprehensive bed bug tips on the web to date!

      Whether you're worried about bed bugs in your clothing, luggage, or bed; Bedbug.com has the bed bug prevention strategy you need!

      These varied tip sheets will help to prevent bed bugs whether you are hosting a bed bug free sleep over party, booking a hotel, or simply cleaning the laundry.
      Bedbug.com, laundry, laundromat, clothing protection, bed bugs, bed bug proof, antibedbug, bed bug free, bed bug tips
      No possible bed bug habitation is too big or too small for bedbug.com's bed bug prevention and elimination tip sheets.

    • Why Use Mattress Encasements to Prevent Bed Bugs

      With the rise in bed bug infestations in the United States, too often, people complain about bed bugs in their beds and bed bug bites, not knowing that covering your mattress with bed bug mattress protectors is an easy way to prevent such irritation. In fact, there are even bed bug encasements to prevent bed bug bites while you travel.

      Firstly, many people don’t even know what bed bug bites look like, and are therefore unable to pinpoint where their ‘rash’ is originating. Furthermore, even people who do know how to identify a bed bug bite don’t realize just how preventable bed bug bites are. Let’s help you reduce those problems.

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      For those of us who do not love reading, one great way to know if you have bed bugs in the first place, is to click here and watch this bed bug movie.
      But lets get back to bites. To make sure that what you have is bed bug bites, it is helpful to look at many bed bug bites pictures to compare to. It may also help to know that bed bugs usually bite in a pattern of a few bites in a row. So chances are if you have three bites close together, you were bitten by a bed bug (and not a mosquito or any other insect.)
      Just because your partner sleeping in the same bed as you does not appear to have bed bug bites, does not mean that you do not have bed bugs. Most people don’t know that not all people who are bitten by bed bugs have an allergic reaction. So while you may have a big red itchy welt, your bed bug infested partner may be home free.
      Another tell tale sign of bed bugs is staining on your mattress, pillow case or box spring as well as other signs of bed bug remains – such as bed bug shedding and eggs.
      Here’s the best part about bed bug bites – they’re preventable. That’s right! Nobody needs to suffer from bed bugs! Companies such as Bedbug.com now sell mattress encasements, box spring protectors, pillow covers and even luggage liners that have been scientifically tested and proven bed bug free!
      Lets say you already have the dreaded bed bugs’ bite. Here’s how to address it. Firstly, go to your pharmacy and get yourself some hydrocortisone cream. While the redness and swelling may remain, hydrocortisone cream has been proven to reduce the itch. Secondly, it’s still not too late to kill your existing bed bugs by locking them into, you guessed it, bed bug mattress and pillow encasements.

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      Whether for your dorm, your home, or travel, it is important to make sure that:
      (1) you get yourself some bed bug proof encasements
      (2) your anti bed bug encasement is entomologist tested and recommended
      (3) your Zip Tech ™ zipper is fully and securely zipped up, so that bed bugs have no chance of getting in or out of the encasement.
      So, what are your waiting for? Bed bug proof your life today and get the SecureSleep™ that you’ve been waiting for.

    • Bed Bug Movie - Do I have bed bugs?

      With the Oscars coming up, we felt like we should produce a movie too. While we don't expect to come away with a golden statue, we hope you find our movie helpful in the ongoing battle against bed bugs.

      If you're still looking for more bed bug tips, you can see our official website at www.bedbug.com.

    • Bedbug.com Trust Story by TRUSTe.com

      Bedbug.com has just been listed by www.TRUSTe.com as one of TRUSTe's highly regarded clients with a trustworthy privacy policy, 21-day money back guarantee & lifetime warranty.

      Richard Saffern, Bedbug.com's Director of Marketing & Strategic Business Development, boasts that Bedbug.com is "proud to have been chosen by such a highly respected company as a role model for consumer confidence and trust."

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