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      Did you know that last year bed bug infestations were reported in every state in the U.S, and reports are increasing exponentially each year?

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    • Bed Bugs Biting Travelers

      Guest Author: Nathalie Pludwinski
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      Bed bugs are becoming a widespread problem, especially for travelers. Pest control companies have received 81 percent more bed bug calls since 2000, and surveys say that 67 percent of pest control companies have attended to bed bug cases in hotels and motels.

      Although the majority of infestations have been in hotels and motels, bed bugs reside in houses, laundry facilities, apartments, condos, single-family homes, movie theaters, and even four-and five star resorts. While infestations are often irritating and unpleasant, bed bugs are not known for transmitting disease/ However, bed bug bites may cause itching and allergic reaction in some people.

      Researchers have labeled increased travel as a main factor for the rapid rise of bed bug infestations. A bed bugs natural way of survival is feeding off of human blood, and therefore as people are on the move, so are bed bugs in search of a “snack”.

      bedbug infestation on mattressWhile travelers fear encountering bed bugs upon arrival to a hotel room, sanitation problems are not usually the cause. The American Hotel and Lodging association makes it very clear that the issue does not relate to cleanliness. According to the association, hotels should conduct regular pest control inspections. They also advise hotel staff to conduct daily inspection of linens, mattress and box spring seams, headboards and bedding. Traces of bed bugs can be discovered by looking for signs of the pests, and by finding spots of dried blood or excrement.

      Travelers should take precautions; such as performing a brief check of certain places in the room, such as the mattress and the headboard. For clothing protection, upholstered furniture and drawers where clothes can be stored should be checked as well. During this quick inspection, guests are advised to keep luggage in the bathroom, because infestations will less commonly occur in hard surfaced areas.

      Upon returning home, all clothing, even unworn, should be washed in hot water, and suitcases with signs of bugs should be vacuumed and lined with bed bug proof encasements. Home remedies and other bedbug encasement products can also be purchased for full protection.

      There is no need for bed bugs to travel home with you. There is a solution; in fact, there are many, and some more top bed bug travel prevention tips can be found in a single click!

    • New York Bed Bugs Get Serious

      Recommendations for the Management of Bed Bugs in Manhattan

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      The NYC Bedbug Advisory Board recommends sealing box springs in appropriate zippered encasements to help prevent bed bugs harboring inside. Box springs are commonly affected in bed bug infestations, yet difficult to inspect. -New York City Bed Bug Advisory Board - Report to the Mayor and City Council - April 2010

      Properly tested bedding encasements can help seal bed bugs in and prevent escape or entry of more bed bugs!

      And as if reported bed bug infestations in prominent locations like Hollister, Victoria Secret, and even the Time Warner Building were not enough, bed bugs may be coming to you too! See full disclosure by the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development below.

      Appendix A – Statistics and Graphs

      HPD Bed Bug Complaints and Violations – 2004-2009


      -2,0004,0006,0008,00010,00012,000FY 2004FY 2005FY 2006FY 2007FY 2008FY 2009ComplaintsViolations Data source: NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development

      HPD Bed Bug Complaints in the 5 Boroughs – FY 2004-2009FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 Percent IncreaseFY08-FY09

      Manhattan 103 425 1,107 1,729 2,107 2,553 21.2%
      Bronx 73 187 570 1,117 1,682 2,230 32.6%
      Brooklyn 169 659 1,642 2,382 3,401 4,042 18.8%
      Queens 190 560 1,278 1,602 1,927 2,029 5.3%
      Staten Island 2 8 41 59 96 131 36.5%
      TOTAL 537 1,839 4,638 6,889 9,213 10,985 19.2%
    • Bed bug infestations continue to rise across the US, as the NPMA releases new statistics about the spread of bed bugs.

      Among the findings, some drastic bed bug statistics noted:
      • 95% of professional pest control companies have encountered bed bug infestations in the past year. Prior to 2000, only 25% of U.S. survey respondents encountered a bed bug infestation.
      • 91% of professional pest control companies believe the incidence of bed bugs in the U.S. is increasing.
      • 76% of pest professionals in the U.S. believe bed bugs are THE most difficult pest to treat.
      • Respondents report 99% of clients who have had bed bugs were "upset and concerned" and 77% said such customers were "very upset and concerned."

      Click here to read the full Executive Summary

    • Lone bedbug sends Kings County Hospital ER into fumigation lockdown

      And so it continues! Bed bugs invaded the Emergency Room of Kings County hospital in Brooklyn, New York this week.

      According to spokeswoman Evelyn Hernandez, "Kings County Hospital has several triage rooms, and medical personnel continued to see other patients in other triage rooms." She added: "There is no infestation. We are talking about one patient."

      Thank god it didn't come to the Hospital having to close, apparently it was business as usual and all Doctors continued to see and treat patients as they only had to close off one triage room.

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    • Big Bug City by Edward Koren

      Can you believe that bed bugs are dominating our newspapers. This week alone, I saw articles on bed bugs in the Wall Street Journal, The Daily News, the New York Press and now The New Yorker has bed bug on their front cover. Bed bugs have become such an epidemic in New York and it seems that this bed bug cartoon is trying to illustrating just that. New yorkers, I urge you to take precautions and protect yourselves!

      Check out the cartoon entitled “Big Bug City” by Edward Koren and let us know what you think..

      Looking for more bed bug cartoons? Click here to laugh a little at this big menace.

    • Bed Bug Summer Survival Guide

      As travel increases during the summertime so do bed bugs. Therefore, Bedbug.com has joined forces with one of our NY distributors of SecureSleep products, M&M Environmental, and came out with a Summer Survival Kit.

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      Sometimes a regular bedbug extermination protocol is not sufficient and you need to bring in one of man's best friends, who also happens to be a bedbug's worst enemy. If you live in the tri-state area and have a bedbug infestation that requires a bed bug detecting dog, call in Champ to rid yourself of the problem and bring sanity back into your life.

      Bedbug.com also has a "Back to School Kit", a smart buy for the dorm for those of you who will be heading back to school after the summer is over.

      Bed bugs are rampant on college campuses.  They are currently hiding and waiting for students across America to return to the dorm so they can have a feast and continue to multiply. In your bed!  Some of them plan to hitchhike on the weekends and set up a new home right in your bedroom.
      Click here for details of our bed bug summer survival kit and what you'll need to steer clear of bed bugs this summer.
    • Retailer Seeks Mayor’s Aid in Removing Bedbugs from Store

      What has the bed bug situation come to, that retailers feel like they are so backed against the wall that they feel have to turn to the Mayor of New York for help and support.

      Who would have dreamt that the bed bugs would cause so many problems that newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Daily News are publishing articles about them! It's being reported that if something doesn't change in NYC, there could be significant revenue loss.

      This is literally like experiencing the 11th plague. Just because these blood suckers can't kill you, doesn't mean they can't turn your world upside down and render you almost bankrupt!

      Bedbug.com urges you to be aware and stay alert as best you can!

      Read more on the article "Retailer Seeks Mayor’s Aid in Removing Bedbugs from Store."

      If you are afraid that you may have bedbugs, please see this helpful video on how to spot a bedbug infestation. If you are simply trying to avoid getting bedbugs, entomologist tested bed bug proof bedding encasements are also advised.


      Personally, I am a big fan of Hollister's clothing, and was shocked to hear of their bed bug infestation, and seemingly delayed response to workers complaints. According to one article, Hollister put their employees in jeopardy, as well as loyal shoppers.

      When we go shopping it is supposed to be an enjoyable, safe and fun experience. Most people don't think for a second when trying on a new outfit in a fitting room, that they could be exposing themselves to these relentless blood sucking critters. It is even worse to think that a store manager may be knowingly letting you expose yourself to bed bugs. It is one thing to have the misfortune of having a bed bug infestation in your home accidentally, but another to endanger yourself of others while shopping or trying on close.

      To read more about this bed bug outbreak, click here.

      To find out more about bed bugs in New York and what you can do to prevent them, visit our Bed Bugs In New York web page here.

      Let us know what you think.

    • "Mattress Condom" says New Yorks WPIX News

      "Run, don't walk to purchase mattress and box spring encasements ... best money you'll ever spend, trust me"

      -Lionel, PIX11 News

      If you enjoyed this video, get more bed bug humor here & buy your own bedbug bedding encasements here.

      Move quick, before the blood suckers reach your bed!

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