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    • Bed Bugs may Spread Disease

      Bedbug research poses a new health concern, which may mean a new need for bed bug mattress protection

      bed bugs found in Vancouver hospital with MRSA

      Bed bugs are spreading across the United States at a rapid pace; infesting homes, office buildings, and even hospitals! Researchers  in a Vancouver hospital found bed bugs carrying diseases such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and VRE (vancomycin-resistant enterococci) -  according to reports in the June edition of the CDC journal of Emerging Infectious Diseases.

      While past research indicates that bed bugs are not known to spread infectious diseases to humans, these findings may shed doubt on that belief. While no further disease transmission through bedbugs has yet been discovered, the phenotype of MRSA found in the bedbugs did match that found in many Eastside patients. Researchers conclude that it is possible that these critters are responsible for transmitting these diseases in overcrowded and impoverished cities. Just one more reason not to let the bed bugs bite!

      Protect a bed from bedbugs with bed bug proof encasementsThese findings have encouraged many people to reconsider bed bug prevention plans, including bed bug encasement's to protect beds, clothing and luggage from infestations. There are proactive steps that you can take prevent bed bugs from infesting your home. Some infestation prevention tips include:

      • Reducing clutter in your home.
      • Encasing your mattresses and box springs with bed bug proof materials.
      • Checking websites like trip advisor for bed bug reports before booking a hotel.
      • Keeping your clothing in certified bed bug proof encasements.

      You can read up on more safety tips by visiting bedbug.com today!

    • Richard Saffern talks about Bedbug.com and the International Home and Housewares Show

      Bedbug.com recently exhibited its SecureSleep™ bed bug proof encasements at the Houseware Show in Chicago.

      bedbug.com securesleep mattress encasement products, certified bed bug proof

      We were amongst severalmanufacturers of anti bedbug products. We were very excited to learn that several new customers have chosen our product over the competitor's due to our quality, affordability and luxurious feel. One buyer stated that he decided on going with our line since we had a great blend of products and because of our unique twist on the whole concept, with our SecureTravel™ products, an area which other mattress encasement companies have not addressed. We had a high percent of agreements signed based upon the number of people who visited our booth. We were especially happy since two of them are now addressing an industry which our current customers were not currently selling to.
      bed bug proof mattress covers, bedbug.com securesleep @ home and housewares showThe timing was great as we are heading into the busy season for bedbugs, now through September.  The visitors ranged from e-commerce companies, to hardware and luggage stores, to home and garden. It is always nice to see our customers when they stop by the booth to say hello and tell us how satisfied they are with our encasement products. Our Customer Service Manager, Sandra,  also got to meet some people for the very first time in person.
      For more information on how you can become a distributor of the SecureSleep™ line of bed bug proof products, please contact the Vice President of Strategic Business Development & Marketing for Bedbug.com, Rich Saffern.
    • Bed bugs found in Illinios Dorm Room

      bed bugs in university, dorm bed bugs, student bed bugs, bed bug controlReports of bed bugs in college dorms are springing up once again. Bed bugs were recently reported in the University of Illinois student housing on the Champaign-Urbana campus.

      The News-Gazette reports that insects purported to be bed bugs were found in an Evans Hall dorm room over the weekend. We are proud to report that they had exterminators on the scene almost immediately. Quick responses are essential to ensure the best possible bed bug elimination in the long term.

      If the bugs were indeed contained to a single dorm room (according to the Associated Press), the University may be in the clear.  If you suspect that there may be bed bugs in your dorm, check out these helpful bed bug tips for dorm rooms.

    • Bed bug infestations affecting retail mattress sales

      It is a common accepted practice for people to return mattresses to stores if they do not fit the comfort they desire.
      That reason for mattress returns is being replaced at some stores due to fear of bed bugs in mattresses. At least two Canadian mattress retailers have scrapped their comfort-exchange programs, pointing to escalating infestations of bed bugs in Canada as the primary reason.

      Bed bugs in America

      bedbug cartoon, bedbug story, bedbug problem, bedbug funnyJordanna Caine, president of Simmons Mattress Gallery stores in Nova Scotia, said customers over the past year have become increasingly concerned with returned merchandise, as reports of bed bugs invading Canadian and American homes spread. Although the insect has not been detected in the company’s mattresses, exchanges of previously slept-on beds were halted earlier this month. “It’s clearly a concern for people,” she said. “Obviously, we don’t want to put our warehouse, our trucks, and our customers at risk.”
      Eliminating mattress exchanges is one of a many tactics being used to combat bedbugs. Many factors have made getting rid of bed bugs a difficult task.
      Although Health Canada does not keep record of bedbug infestations, bed bugs have affected provinces across the country. Ontario recently committed $5-million to help public health agencies tackle the problem, while Manitoba is drafting a bed bug strategy. Bed bugs have been detected in low rent buildings as well as high-end hotels. In northern Saskatchewan last November, they were detected in a hospital, prompting a major cleanup and weeks of monitoring.
      In the United States, bed bugs have been the subject of two government-organized summits, the latest one held in Washington last month. And, the bed bug problem is expected to worsen! A recent Ohio State University Study found that the bug’s numbers of bedbugs in North America have increased as much as 500% in the past decade, costing businesses and home owners protect a bed from bed bugs, bed bugs, bed bug proof, buy bed bugs killerbillions of dollars annually to deal with the outbreaks. Recently, there has been an urgent call to keep bed bugs in mind when initiating new policies and practices, locally and globally. But is eliminating mattress exchanges the right move? Whether the answer is yes or no, prevention and early detection are key. It may be possible for used mattresses to be treated with steam or covered in entomologist approved Securesleep™ bug-proof encasements.

      Think you may have bought a mattress with a pre-existing bed bug condition?  Click here for a quick movie about how to spot out infestations or purchase bed bug proof encasements here.

    • Bed bugs and the law in New York City

      Bed bug cases in New York have become a serious issue. There are many inquires on this matter, in regard to legalities. While we are not equipped to provide legal advice, we hope this discussion can help you to locate references to help you in your bedbug battle. These sources and references cover a range of topics including residential bed bugs, new york, manhattan, brooklyn bedbugs, bedbug.com and actions that should be taken by tenants. We address popular questions such as: Who should take care of the bed bug infestation? What are the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants?
    • Bed Bugs Crawling In Law Firms

      bedbugs crawling, law offices, bedbug.com

      Looks like even lawyers have to hire someone to defend themselves against bed bugs. Winston and Strawn’s offices were discovered to have an infestation in their MetLife building, located at 200 Park Avenue in Manhattan. A spokesperson from Winston told us that all inquires about the bed bugs were being referred to the building’s landlord, real estate giant Tishman Speyer.

      And the question lingered: “are bed bugs crawling around the whole MetLife building?” Tishman Speyer did not return phone calls, and this was unanswered. If bed bugs are dispersed throughout the building, this would mean that three other law firms would be confronted with this itchy situation…

      Representatives from three other firms, Gibson Dunn, Greenberg Traurig, and Hunton & Williams were contacted. Responses are still pending. A spokesperson from Greenberg Trauig said she was unaware of the problems, but would investigate the situation. Although, even if the bed bugs were localized to only a few floors, one has to think the entire building is at risk.

      The following was a firm-wide alert by Winston:

      Subject: IMPORTANT: Thursday, September 16 THIS IS NOT A TEST

      To all personnel of the NY office: As we informed you yesterday, we have bed bugs in our office space. After a complete inspection of our office space last evening, which confirmed that our infestation is throughout our space, we have decided to implement liberal leave today, Thursday, September 16th. Anyone who has the ability to work remotely has the option to do so. Administrative staff who would like to stay home may do so by using a sick/personal day, and should call the absence hotline or their supervisor. If you are working remotely and have a need for administrative support of any kind, please contact Kathryn Schwyzer. Kathryn will be in the office, but can also be reached on her mobile phone at [redacted]. Further updates will be sent to you via this emergency broadcast system.

      A spokesperson from Tishman Speyer  (landlords of the MetLife building) did end up responding the following: “We are working closely with the tenant to treat the problem aggressively and eradicate it quickly.” Tishman seemed to be working to keep the problem localized to Winston & Strawn’s floors, without panicking the entire building.

      bedbugs in hotels, bed bug luggage, bed bug suitcase, bedbugs at work

      A major problem with bed bugs at law offices is that the incident occurred during interviewing season, which is when students should be infesting the offices,not bed bugs. These students, or students parents, probably wouldn’t be such fans of their children affiliating a place that can attract bed bugs to their home. Although this stood as a problem, www.bedbug.com was an extremely beneficial and useful source, as it provides tips and products to help you protect yourself against any confrontation with bed bugs at work.


      bedbug.com securesleep bed bug linersIt is known that bedbugs have evolved to become resistant to certain types of pesticides. Luckily, there are other efficient, and entomologist approved ways of dealing with bed bug issues. In addition to household items, bedbug.com offers a selection of travel protection items, including luggage liners for the business person on the go.

    • SecureSleep and BBAlert Join Forces

      Securesleep™ has joined forces with BB alert and has combined to become the most efficient aid for bed bug problems. Bedbug.com is the factory direct site for securesleep encasement products, that serve to protect you from bed bugs infestations occurring in your mattresses, college dorms, and even provides luggage protection for you while traveling!

      Securesleep™ mattress covers not only serve as a portal for entomologist approved bed bug protection products, but bedbug.com also contains a bedbug knowledge center, and tips ranging from how to get recognize bed bugs to how to get rid of them.

      securesleep bed bug prevetion at bbalert

      Securesleep™ and BB alert are now coming together to offer you a new and improved way to stay bed bug free!

    • Bedbug.com at the International Home and Housewares Show

      bedbugs luggage liner, suitcase, bedbug.com, securesleeep, corporate blog

      Bedbug.com, a company leader in sales of protective products against bed bugs will be attending the International Housewares association trade show in Chicago, Illinois this year from March 6th - March 8th. Bedbug.com is known in the industry for its sales of technologically advanced, entomologist tested and highly effective mattress, pillow, luggage and other bed bug protective encasement products.

      At this annual trade show, Bedbug.com will be among over 2,000 exhibitors from over 35 countries. Bedbug.com is excited to meet with other members of the pest control, hospitality health care and college campus arenas, and to connect with current and future SecureSleep(TM) encasement distributors.

      Bedbug.com will be located at booth # N6355, so be sure to pack in your bed bug proof suitcase liner and stop by!

      To schedule an appointment with Bedbug.com’s executive team at during the 2011 International Housewares Association trade show, please send an email to rsaffern@bedbug.com.

      Additional information and a complete schedule of events can be found can be found at http://www.housewares.org/show/info/ or click here for a schedule of other bed bug events this year.

      Media Contact:
      Rich Saffern
      email: rsaffern@bedbug.com
      Tel.: 702-557-1903

    • Bedbug Dogs Sniff Out Bed Bugs

      bed bug image, bed bugs picturesA national bed bug summit event was held and said to finish up February 9th in Washington. This event, led by the EPA, discussed the battle against the infamous bed bugs.

      Some of what will be addressed during the two-day national summit is expected to concentrate on developing pesticides that serve as more effective in killing bed bugs. But many companies believe to have the answer with some old technology; man's best friend. Specially trained beagles can sniff out adult bed bugs and even their tiny, hard-to-spotout eggs. You may be able to detect the hard to see bed bugs and their eggs in places such as the crevices in the bedpost and frames and behind the headboard. This method can help eliminate bed bugs in the bed, and avoid bed bug bites.

      bed bug bites, bed bugs

      With this epidemic, it is a good time to ask yourself, “Do I have bed bugs?” Answering this question can be made easy by visiting www.bedbug.com, where there are many tips and photos of where bedbugs hide, and what they look like! If you find that you do have bed bugs, we'll provide assistance with contacting pest control and provide a catalogue with a multitude of entomologist approved bed bug protection products! We offer a variety ranging from mattress encasements to bed bug proof luggage liners.

    • Bed Bug Bites All Over New York City!

      bed bugs, new york, manhattan, brooklyn, bed bug, bedbugs, bedbug.comNew Yorkers were bitten bad by bedbugs in 2010. During the year, New York’s residential bedbug complaints rose nearly 7%. Nationally, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), one out of five Americans has either had a bedbug infestation in their home, or knows of someone who has encountered these critters at home, or in a hotel.

      Mr. Sorkin, an entomologist, says that New York City tends to have many more infestations than actual complaints and violations. He says that many people won’t report a bedbug infestation, especially bed bugs in apartment buildings.

      Years: 2009 2010
      Violations: 4,811 4,846
      Complaints: 12,594 13,472

      In case of a bedbug complaint, New York has registered such situations with the city’s 311 nonemergency hotline. When 311 is contacted, the landlord is notified of the complaint and the tenant is then contacted by the department in order to confirm the complaint, prior to making a site visit, followed by a site visit by a pest control professional. In the case that bedbugs are detected, a violation will be issued.

      A national survey says: People are most concerned about encountering bedbugs at hotels, in public transportation, at movie theaters, in retail stores and at medical facilities (NPMA). The association reports that bed bugs are present in every state, with no regional “hot spot” for infestation.

      Respondents in the Midwest and the South: 1 out of 5 encountered bedbugs.
      Respondents in the West: 19% encountered bedbugs.
      Respondents in the Northeast: 17% encountered bedbugs.

      Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for the National Pest Management Association says, "Fairly evenly across the country, people are having experiences with bedbugs. I think so often people think Manhattan is the only city that has bedbugs..."

      Bedbugs seem to be a major problem for travelers, as bed bugs in hotels have become an increasing issue. Bedbug.com offers bed bug travel protection, as well as many other categories of bed bug prevention aids and entomologist approved products!

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