Is Your Clothing Protected When You're On-The-Go?

    You might think that, if you keep your home clean and in good condition, you’re safe from any potential bed bug problems. You might even think that you’re being extra cautious by periodically inspecting potential problem areas such as your mattress and box spring to prevent any infestations before they can really get going. But have you considered what you might bring home with you when you’re on the go?

    Many people are shocked to realize how easy it can be to pick up bed bugs when you’re out and about. You may have only sat down for a few minutes, but if your friend’s couch was infested and a few bugs made their way onto your clothes, you may have just unwittingly invited them into your home. Another surprising place people have been known to accidentally collect these creatures is at hotel conference halls, where the chairs may have unwanted guests just waiting for a chance to catch a ride in your jacket so they can find a new home.

    The best way to keep yourself safe from unwanted surprises such as these is to keep your dirty clothes safeguarded, and the best way to do that safeguarding is with a bed bug bag. You may want to get a separate bag for your dirty and clean clothes in order to provide maximum protection, but at the very minimum you should be sure to get one for the dirty clothes that you’ve worn out.

    Anti-bed bug laundry bags such as these are made to be impermeable and stop the penetration of bed bugs in fabric. Getting a quality bag is important, as this can effectively prevent bed bugs from infesting your clothes even if you happen to unknowingly pick some up and bring them home with you.

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