How to prevent Bed Bugs

    Prevention is the key to solving your bed bug problems, but we’re aware that doesn’t mean much once you have bed bugs.  However, let’s talk a bit about prevention for the future of your home.

    Bed bug prevention is important, as bed bug levels have reached an all time high according to epidemiologists worldwide.  It can cost a lot, up to $1200 to get rid of bed bugs once you have them, so the conversation about preventing then is definitely necessary for all families.

    Remember, almost any environment can provide a haven for bed bugs, so no home is exempt!

    The first step to preventing bed bugs is to check for them the next time you are in a hotel room.  Away from home, believe it or not!  Bed bugs often come from other environments, so make sure your bed at your next hotel is safe.  Bed bugs can be seen along the seams or you can also see tiny blood specks on the edges of the mattress that could indicate bed bugs have been there. Change rooms immediately if that is the case!

    If you ever have any indication that bed bugs may have hitched a ride onto your clothing, make sure you separate the clothing from anything else in your home and treat it immediately.  Whether throwing it in the dryer on the highest setting or taking it to the dry cleaners, you want to make sure you keep it away from the clean items in your home.

    Another step in prevention: take very close care of bringing in any used furniture or clothing into your house.  Inspect it carefully for bed bugs or any other infestation.   Make sure that you check all of these items before bringing them into your house.

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