How to prevent an infestation

    Keeping a pristine home won’t save you from bed bugs. Most infestations are triggered by bed bugs brought in from elsewhere. What this means is that no matter how much you scrub, you’re still faced with the very real possibility of becoming infected. Still, do not despair. There are multiple steps you can take in order to protect your home.

    First of all, be vigilant. Check your surroundings whenever you visit a public place. You should keep an eye out for telltale signs, such as a musty smell, dead bed bugs, bloodstains on fabric, or bug excrement. If you can help it, don’t ever place your purse or your other belongings on the floor.

    When staying somewhere overnight, make it a habit to inspect the bed where you will be sleeping. Have a look at the bedding and the mattress, particularly around the seams, edging, and tags. Don’t neglect looking at the bed frame, headboard, and nightstands. You want to pay special attention to any cracks and crevices.

    Another important rule is never to bring home used items. This isn’t limited to old mattresses or furniture, but also second-hand clothes. You never know where these come from, and they may end up causing you more problems than they are worth.

    These rules of thumb go a long way toward keeping your home safe, but even they can only do so much. For even more safety and peace of mind, consider investing in mattress and pillow encasements that will prohibit bed bug transit to and from your bed. You can even encase the clothes you hang up in your closet, as well as your dirty and clean laundry.

    If you’re looking to prevent a bed bug problem, there are many rules you can follow. But it only takes one bed bug to start an infestation. In most cases, encasing your belongings is the easiest and most effective option.

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