How to know if you have bed bugs?

    The first thing to look for is a sign on your skin.  If you have bites and are not sure where they came from, this may be a telltale sign of something to look further into.  If you wake up each morning with a new bite on your skin, this is a clear indication that there might be a problem.  But if you are not noticing bites on you, your spouse, or your children, that does not mean you don’t have bed bugs.

    Sometimes you can find evidence of a bug infestation without seeing the actual bugs.  Like other bugs, they leave fecal stains anywhere that they inhabit.  They won’t be black, because the blood is digested (gross I know!), but you will see brown or black spots in one area of your mattress.  They will not flake off if rubbed with a rag either; they’ll stay in place, showing you this is bed bug feces.

    There is also the typical visual inspection, though bed bugs are often missed.  Try using a flashlight if checking your mattress or box springs for signs of bed bugs.

    Another type of method to find bed bugs is an interception device or activation monitor.  These can actually be placed under your bed or couch and will indicate if there are bugs moving around your furniture.  Bed bugs will naturally move around in an infested environment and these monitors will confirm their presence.

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