How to get rid of bed bugs

    Once you have identified the source of the bedbugs in your home the next step is to begin ridding yourself of the infestation.

    Step one: you must bag and launder all affected items.  Upon washing gather all linen, cloth and leather bags, mattress covers, clothing, and teddy bears.  Wash the laundry as well.  Some metropolitan areas offer bed bug laundry and dry cleaning services which have the added benefits of proven methods for killing bed bugs and bagging or storing cleaned items so they do not become re-infested while the home is still being exterminated.  If something cannot be washed or discarded, use a non-toxic bug spray.

    Step two: purchase or rent a steam cleaner to rid affected areas of bugs and eggs.  You may be able to purchase a simple device at your local grocery store.  Thoroughly spray all infected areas of your house and all areas that may have been affected as well.

    Step three: vacuum your house.  This will remove all bugs and eggs from the mattresses, carpet, walls and other surfaces.  Afterward, dispose of the vacuum contents in a sealed trash bag.  Once this is finished, repair all cracks in plaster and glue down loosened wallpaper to eliminate bed bug harborage sites.

    Step four: Depending on the size of your infestation you may want to consider using insecticides.  Apply as a spot treatment to cracks and crevices where bed bugs could be hiding.

    Lastly, although you may perfectly capable of solving your infestation on your own, pest control is still available, and should you find yourself not up to the task there is no shame in seeking the help of a qualified professional.

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