Don't Let Your Dirty Laundry Come Back to Bite You

    As you probably know already, bed bugs love to hide in fabric seams and creases. This means that, whether you have an infestation on your hands or you’re worried about preventing one, your linens and your clothes are at risk. You’ve already enclosed your mattress, your box spring, and your pillows. But what can you do about your clothes, you ask?

    There is nothing that bed bugs love more than a cluttered house with clothes strewn all over the floor. A properly closed laundry bag will prevent bed bugs from being able to pass through, so get one for every bedroom. Our patent pending Zip Tech™ zipper technology with 3-way protection and re-enforced seams ensures that the bed bugs on your clothes will stay in the bag, only to be destroyed in the dryer cycle, and that no new bed bugs will be able to make their way in. Because living in close quarters increases the risk of being exposed to bed bugs, if you’re living on a college campus we actually recommend that you use two laundry bags– one for dirty laundry, and one for clean.

    If you’re traveling, your risk of exposure to bed bugs increases exponentially. Chances are the hotel you stayed at most recently or the airplane you flew on has recently battled an infestation. Don’t bring any bed bugs home with you. For maximum safety and peace of mind, bring along a travel laundry bag and use it to store your clothing.

    There’s no need to throw out your linens or clothes that have been exposed to bed bugs. Just isolate them with the help of a special laundry bag, so that the bed bugs that may already be hiding on them do not have access to the rest of your belongings. Keeping your clothes safe really is that easy.

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