Don't Bring Bed Bugs Home With You

    You love to travel? So do we! But one thing those glamorous travel websites don’t spend enough time covering is the threat of bed bugs while on the move. Hotels, cruise ships, airplanes, and public transportation have all been hard hit by these pesky insects. It’s important to protect yourself, so that you don’t end up bringing home more souvenirs than you intended.

    Bed bugs are small and sticky insects that commonly cling to clothing and linens – which is why they have such an easy time spreading. It follows logically that the type of areas where large numbers of people pass through daily carries a higher risk of being infested with bed bugs. And what makes it worse is that bed bugs can be pretty hard to spot. Chances are that this is or has been a problem in the hotel you stayed at most recently and that some of them even hitched a ride back with you.

    Still, do not despair. There are a few easy fixes that you can implement while on the go and keep your peace of mind. Because clothing is the most common foothold for these insects, it’s important to store it in a luggage liner. These can come in two sizes – for carry-ons and checked luggage – and can even double as shelf liners. Add a garment bag liner for the clothes that you plan on hanging in a closet, as well as a travel laundry bag to store your dirty laundry, and your clothes will be completely safe. If you like to travel with a pillow, make sure you also get a travel pillow encasement, to protect it from bed bugs.

    When you travel, you know to protect yourself and your loved ones from unwanted diseases. Why not also keep yourself safe from the threat of bed bugs?

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