DIY: Home made bed bug prevention

    Mattress bed bugs infested


    Once you've got bed bugs, we don't recommend taking things into your own hands. That's why exterminators were invented.

    But what can you do to prevent bed bugs at home before that happens?

    Here are some quick and easy steps typically recommended by bed bug professionals:

    1. Make sure your bed is not touching the wall
    2.  Remove excess clutter from your apartment or wall
    3.  If your neighbor has bed bugs, make sure to get your apartment checked out too (p.s. This is a new law about adjacent apartments in NY state!)
    4. Keep personal items like purses off of the floor, especially in public areas.
    5. Make a moat to protect your bed! Putting some talcom powder in a plastic bowl can prevent bed bugs from being able to climb onto your bed.
    6. Encase, just in case! Buy clothing and mattress protectors that are certified bed bug proof, to ensure that bed bugs cannot bite through.

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