• Why bed bugs have Infested Cities in U.S

      Bed bug infestation is a menace which is haunting many cities in the U.S. Health officers are trying to come up with ways on how they can control this. But to some extent, it seems that they are unable. But how comes U.S cities like Indianapolis, New York, Cleveland, Miami, Houston just to mention but a few have been listed to have worst bedbugs? Are these areas prone to be infested with bugs or how bugs were found in these areas?

      It is most likely that these bugs were brought here by summer travelers who come from areas where there are bugs. But again, how did they carry these bedbugs? Bedbugs can even hide beneath the collar of your shirt. Since they are tiny, you might not be able to spot them especially if the color of your shirt resembles them.  Alternatively, these bugs are carried from one city to the other through buses. Since bed bugs’ hidden dark places, they may find perfect breeding areas which are between seats joints in buses.

      Lack of proper way to control these menace is also contributing to these bugs to continue disturbing many Americans. Though they don’t cause diseases, the agony that they cause to the victims is unbearable. The bites from bed bugs- if they prolong without control can lead to one suffer from anemic conditions. You cannot deny that you can’t be infested by bedbugs because they are capable of being carried from one point to another without your knowledge. That is why U.S cities have been infested with the menace of bedbugs.

    • Why Bed bug Infestations are Rampant

      There have been situations where bed bugs have been declared a disaster. There are also areas which have been known to be prone to bedbugs. But the fact is that such places are prone to bugs as we don’t have awareness about its infestation. Are you aware that even the taxi that you use can have bedbugs? Yes, be careful when you travel­ in that taxi, you might act as a carrier of bugs from point A to point B.

      Bedbug infestation is rampant because some people do not maintain cleanliness in their home. How often do you clean your bedroom and your bedding? And, if you don’t do it often, your home is more likely to be infested with bugs. This is one of the many reasons for which some people keep crying of bedbug infestation.

      Lack of awareness is also a factor here. In a situation where there might be a campaign to educate people on how they can prevent or get rid of bugs. A few people would adhere to it but majority have this tendency of saying “my house has no bedbugs”. With such perception, that is why bugs keep haunting people.  

      Poor control measures also contribute to this.  There is no way you are going to cover your mattress with encasement and be sure you have protected or controlled bugs. In case you spot signs of bugs in your home, use all possible means whether it’s spraying, cleaning the room and all you can plus destroying all breeding areas. Without doing this, bugs will remain sucking you and your family every single night.

    • Why bed bugs are a big Menace in some U.S cities

      Someone might be thinking how bedbugs can be a menace, though they are small parasitic insects? It is a question to those who have never seen or never been infested by these sucking bugs. Bedbugs are a big menace in some U.S cities like New York, Miami and Albany just to mention but a few. The question why bedbugs are a menace in U.S cities is because of the following:

      Lack of appropriate measure to eradicate these bugs gives them a chance to multiply. There are measures for both home owners and pest control professionals who can undertake and control all these. Many people are not aware of the hiding place and breeding ground of these bugs and that is why they still rule some of these cities.

      Lack of awareness on how these bedbugs spread from one city to another also contributes to bedbugs’ outbreak. This has been necessitated because bedbugs can survive in any area even in buses, trains and when people move from one city to another, they also carry these bugs to where they go. As Individuals also play a role in carrying these bugs but they might not be aware of that.

      There is no commitment from those who have been infested with bedbugs and on how to get rid of them. Indeed,  If these cities can come up with measures in together with those homes that have been infested with bugs, there is no way they are going to be a menace again.

    • Why should you control bed bugs?

      Then question about how, when, why should we control these blood sucking bugs? It should be a topic of discussion but, it should be taken with the importance it deserves; not by only health officers but by everyone. This is because bed bugs do not choose whom to and not to attack but they can attack everyone instead. So it is you and me to take up the initiative and make sure we control bedbugs.

      Loosing blood through these sucking bugs is something that has to be controlled to prevent victims from anemia. These bugs suck any time they have a chance. One other reason why we should control bed bugs is to prevent spreading them from one place to another.  That is why some cities or places have been infested with these bugs because; those who had been infested by them never took accurate measures to control them.

      The smell that is produced by the demotion or that comes from the breeding areas of these bugs is something that you will never have to smell. It is foul plus the look of the black spots on bed sheets and on furniture is so lousy. The thing is that you have to keep your bedding and furniture clean. If you do not control them, then you have to deal with all these (black spots on beddings, furniture, smell etc).

      Bed bugs are to be controlled because they are nuisance and boring. It’s like you are rearing a stranger who is out to feast from you. There are several ways in which you can do all these but the fact remains, you have to prevent and control bed bugs.

    • What you might have ignored about Bed Bugs

      Many have information about bed bugs and at the same time, many might be aware or heard about bed bugs but they might have ignored because of ignorance. This is the biggest disease that a human being can suffer from and that is why the menace of bed bugs still haunts them. Thinking that, you cannot be infested with bed bugs is one of the ignorance that some people have and that is why they are unable to control these bugs.

      Look at that scenario where bed bugs have infested your home and due to ignorance you decide not to look for experts to help you control these sucking bugs. When these bed bugs are out of control in your home, never sit back and wait, take an action instead. Some have this knowledge because they assume they know .And they end up controlling themselves but in real sense, they can’t. This is ignorance and you have to seek help to stop these bugs.

      Since some of you might not be aware that, you can be acting as a carrier of these bugs from where they are to where they are going through their clothes, they never check their clothes before they put on. Though they might be in a suitcase or your drawer, these are places where these bugs do hide.

      You might have ignored to clean your furniture thinking that, when you clean the entire house you have eradicated these sucking bugs. NO, you have to clean furniture in the house. Many do ignore some of these measures and that is why they are suffering at the moment.

    • What you might have not known about Bed bugs

      A bed bug is a bloodsucking insect which is a parasite of mammals and birds. They exclusively feed on blood and that is why human beings are mostly infested with them. Many people complain of bed bugs not knowing that they might be the one who might have welcomed these bugs and they provide them with perfect place for them to survive. Bed bugs survive in dark places and thus if you never open your bedroom window to allow natural light and fresh air inside your room, you are encouraging bed bugs to take control of your room.

      If you never clean your house thoroughly especially in corners, furniture and even joints of your bed, chances are that you are not doing enough to get rid of or prevent bugs from infesting your house. This is so because these are the places where bugs hide and breed.

      If you observe cleanliness, you are not likely to be infested with bed bugs. But, you cannot just ignore the fact that, even if you have never encountered them in your house, should you not take preventive measures? Yes . You should always take preventive measures to keep off these sucking bugs.

      These bugs can be carried by anyone and can be taken anywhere, so you have s to be always  on the lookout if you see any sign of them. Though they do not cause disease but continuous sucking of blood from you can cause anemia. Mattress corners, torn mattresses, furniture, beds (especially in joints) are the best place where these bugs hide. Pesticides can help you control or prevent them but you don’t have to wait until the situation is out of control so that you can start crying out for help.

    • Why Use Mattress Encasements to Prevent Bed Bugs

      With the rise in bed bug infestations in the United States, too often, people complain about bed bugs in their beds and bed bug bites, not knowing that covering your mattress with bed bug mattress protectors is an easy way to prevent such irritation. In fact, there are even bed bug encasements to prevent bed bug bites while you travel.

      Firstly, many people don’t even know what bed bug bites look like, and are therefore unable to pinpoint where their ‘rash’ is originating. Furthermore, even people who do know how to identify a bed bug bite don’t realize just how preventable bed bug bites are. Let’s help you reduce those problems.

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      For those of us who do not love reading, one great way to know if you have bed bugs in the first place, is to click here and watch this bed bug movie.
      But lets get back to bites. To make sure that what you have is bed bug bites, it is helpful to look at many bed bug bites pictures to compare to. It may also help to know that bed bugs usually bite in a pattern of a few bites in a row. So chances are if you have three bites close together, you were bitten by a bed bug (and not a mosquito or any other insect.)
      Just because your partner sleeping in the same bed as you does not appear to have bed bug bites, does not mean that you do not have bed bugs. Most people don’t know that not all people who are bitten by bed bugs have an allergic reaction. So while you may have a big red itchy welt, your bed bug infested partner may be home free.
      Another tell tale sign of bed bugs is staining on your mattress, pillow case or box spring as well as other signs of bed bug remains – such as bed bug shedding and eggs.
      Here’s the best part about bed bug bites – they’re preventable. That’s right! Nobody needs to suffer from bed bugs! Companies such as Bedbug.com now sell mattress encasements, box spring protectors, pillow covers and even luggage liners that have been scientifically tested and proven bed bug free!
      Lets say you already have the dreaded bed bugs’ bite. Here’s how to address it. Firstly, go to your pharmacy and get yourself some hydrocortisone cream. While the redness and swelling may remain, hydrocortisone cream has been proven to reduce the itch. Secondly, it’s still not too late to kill your existing bed bugs by locking them into, you guessed it, bed bug mattress and pillow encasements.

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      Whether for your dorm, your home, or travel, it is important to make sure that:
      (1) you get yourself some bed bug proof encasements
      (2) your anti bed bug encasement is entomologist tested and recommended
      (3) your Zip Tech ™ zipper is fully and securely zipped up, so that bed bugs have no chance of getting in or out of the encasement.
      So, what are your waiting for? Bed bug proof your life today and get the SecureSleep™ that you’ve been waiting for.

    • Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite……It’s Not a Cute Rhyme Anymore

      When I was younger, every night before bed my mom used to say, ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite.’ It was like our bedtime ritual and I couldn’t fall asleep without her saying it.

      Now I am 43 married with 3 children, and I don’t find the bed bug rhyme so amusing anymore.

      Seven months ago, my son came back from a school camping trip. He returned with a huge backpack full of dirty laundry, to be expected from a teenage boy, I suppose. However, what wasn’t to be expected was the nightmare he also brought back.

      Tuesday morning, my husband and I woke up with huge bites all over our bodies. bed bug bite, bedbug bite, bedbug bites, bed bug bites, bite on arm, bedbug bite on arm, itchy bite, itchy bites, bedbugs itch, bed bugs bitch My husband’s bites weren’t as bad as mine, but nevertheless they were still very bad. I realized instantly that my son’s laundry that I had done the night before must have been infested with bed bugs.

      I don’t know how, but they spread all over the house like wild fire. The exterminator found infestations in the crevices of our couches, the bottom of our curtains and in all our mattresses and especially the box springs.

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      I couldn’t believe it - what used to be a cute rhyme has now turned into a living nightmare for my family and I consisting of sleepless nights full of itching, tossing and turning (which then lead to red and swollen eyes – due to the lack of sleep). The mental and physical stress and anxiety which we all endured was horrendous. Don’t even talk to me about the expense! A good chunk of our savings went into the bed bug treatments.

      Thank goodness it’s all over now and I wouldn’t wish that experience on my worst enemy.

      The exterminator highly recommended we cover our mattresses, pillows and box springs in anti bed bug protectors, which we did. I listened to every word the exterminator said, like it was holy writ, because I never wanted to have any sort of bug ever again!!

      One last sobering point I want to make – while the exterminator did a great job – very professional – he reminded me that even after all the effort, we could easily find ourselves with yet another bed bug infestation next week, because these bugs are smart and travel very easily. However, those encasements make it much easier to prevent them from gaining any serious foothold, and also make detection much easier.


      Living in a country with the most recently increasing bed bug reports and the majority of those being in New York State, I figured I’d go somewhere exotic like Hawaii for college. However the joke is on me now, ‘cos student housing in Honolulu has proven not to be much better.

      Four months ago, I think it was a Sunday morning I woke up having had the worst nights sleep ever, I just assumed it was down to the few to many drinks I had at my friend’s birthday the night before. After being awake for less than 10 minutes and itching incessantly, I ran to the mirror, and proceeded to yell.

      bedbug bite, bed bug bites bedbug bites, bits on arms, bites on body, bed bug bites on body, bed bug bites on arm

      I ran to the Dr with a hoodie pulled so far down my face that it hid the bed bug bites but I could barely see where I was walking.

      The Dr said that there wasn’t much he could do, I felt like I was in a living nightmare. I went home and searched the internet. The consensus I got was to hire a professional bed bug exterminator and purchase anti bedbug covers for my mattress and pillows to avoid another situation like this, I even purchased a anti bed bug laundry bag.

      It’s ironic because even though I was escaping New York which is one of the most highly infested bed bug states in the U.S I ended up getting them in my student housing in Honolulu.
      Dorm room, student housing, college dorm rooms, bed bugs in dorms, bedbugs in student housing, bed bugs in student housing, bed bugs in dorm rooms

      I am happy to report that 4 months have passed and although I’m still recovering, mentally, bed bug wise, I’m in the clear!

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