• Bed Bug Bites All Over New York City!

      bed bugs, new york, manhattan, brooklyn, bed bug, bedbugs, bedbug.comNew Yorkers were bitten bad by bedbugs in 2010. During the year, New York’s residential bedbug complaints rose nearly 7%. Nationally, according to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), one out of five Americans has either had a bedbug infestation in their home, or knows of someone who has encountered these critters at home, or in a hotel.

      Mr. Sorkin, an entomologist, says that New York City tends to have many more infestations than actual complaints and violations. He says that many people won’t report a bedbug infestation, especially bed bugs in apartment buildings.

      Years: 2009 2010
      Violations: 4,811 4,846
      Complaints: 12,594 13,472

      In case of a bedbug complaint, New York has registered such situations with the city’s 311 nonemergency hotline. When 311 is contacted, the landlord is notified of the complaint and the tenant is then contacted by the department in order to confirm the complaint, prior to making a site visit, followed by a site visit by a pest control professional. In the case that bedbugs are detected, a violation will be issued.

      A national survey says: People are most concerned about encountering bedbugs at hotels, in public transportation, at movie theaters, in retail stores and at medical facilities (NPMA). The association reports that bed bugs are present in every state, with no regional “hot spot” for infestation.

      Respondents in the Midwest and the South: 1 out of 5 encountered bedbugs.
      Respondents in the West: 19% encountered bedbugs.
      Respondents in the Northeast: 17% encountered bedbugs.

      Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for the National Pest Management Association says, "Fairly evenly across the country, people are having experiences with bedbugs. I think so often people think Manhattan is the only city that has bedbugs..."

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      From the Desk of Bedbug.com’s Marketing Manager:

      Bedbug.com at PestWorld 2009 fighting the bed bug epidemic

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      We also gave out customized stainless steel travel coffee mugs – another big hit. – I guess there were lots of people drinking the java, working long hours in order to make this convention the success that it was. Glad we could help on that one!

      So, this was the big event where we launched our product line. I must tell you, we were excited to be there and expected good results, but holy cow! Our booth was one of the most popular the entire show. We could hardly talk to everyone who wanted to see, and feel our encasements. But we managed.

      Our visitors included pest control professionals from across the country, as well as from as far as Australia and the Far East. We even had the opportunity to have dinner meetings with some of the attendees – Sushi Samba and bed bugs, yum!

      So, next year, PestWorld unfolds in Honolulu, Hawaii. A dirty job, but someone has to do it! Aloha!

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