Bed Bugs while Traveling

    We all fear that we’ll stay at a hotel with bed bugs don’t we?  However, simply staying at a place with bed bugs is not your only worry.  Most bed bug infestations start from bed bugs being brought in from an outside source, such as a motel or from a traveling guest.

    Bed bugs will definitely travel with people.  They are not like lice that travel directly on the person, but they do travel on the persons clothing or their travel gear.  If you have a concern about bed bugs traveling on your favorite items, make sure you place these items into a plastic bag and not remove them to a carpeted floor.

    But what about your other items, how can you ensure they aren’t carrying bed bugs without throwing them away?  In addition to containing the items in a plastic bag, you’ll want to make sure your items are laundered, washed by hand, heated or frozen after any possible contact with a bed bug infestation.

    When washing items later that may have had contact with bed bugs, make sure you set the washer and dryer on the hottest setting that the fabric can withstand or use a dry cleaning service.

    When it comes to suitcases that may accompany you on your travels, make sure they are thoroughly inspected for bed bugs before storing them.  If you do find bed bugs, make sure that you hand wash the suitcases with hot soapy water, as hot as possible.

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