New Bed Bug Insurance Coverage for Landlords

    Protect a bed from bed bugs? How about an apartment building? Killing bed bugs has never been an easy feat, but new bed bug insurance plan options may help. This new real estate rental insurance plan is backed by Aon Risk Solutions, a Manhattan-based commercial property insurance company as well as powerful exterminating companies. The insurance plan aims to help decrease the cost of bed bug infestations in apartments, hospitals, hotels and more!

    "Previously, the cost of bed bug elimination and replacement of infested property was excluded in property insurance policies, and only those hospitality companies with loss of attraction coverage on their policies had any protection for lost business resulting from taking rooms out of service. Most bed bug-related expenses were unplanned cost items paid out of pocket."

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    Now a new insurance plan is being offered! And while it still has it's terms and conditions like any coverage plan, it will cover the cost of bed bug elimination as well as chip in to pay for any damaged furniture or lost business in the process. This insurance also offers discounted treatment and mattress encasement rates. Read more about this bed bug insurance at www.pctonline.com/Terminix-insurance-bed-bug.aspx.

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