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    Premium Pillow Encasement

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    Premium Pillow Encasement

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    This comfortable anti bed bug pillow encasement will give you peace of mind in addition to a peaceful sleep. Designed to prevent bed bug infestation, this encasement comes with our patent pending zipper technology and has hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial components that will help keep your pillow protected.

    Our Sleep Safe™ bed bug encasement products have a Lifetime Warranty & 21 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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    Price From: $9.99
    Price From: $9.99

    Product Description

    Anti-Bed Bug SecureSleep™ Pillow Protection

    Our premium SecureSleep™ pillow cover keeps your pillow safe and protected from bed bugs. It’s an absolutely essential element in any bed bug prevention program. And, if you’re already battling a bed bug infestation, it’s even more critical as part of an effective pest management plan.

    Bed bugs simply cannot get inside our properly closed protector! This top quality pillow protection has been entomologist tested and has the same high quality elements found in our premium mattress, box spring and other anti-bed bug products, including scientifically designed and patent pending Zip Tech™ zipper technology, with 3-way protection and re-enforced seams. In addition, it’s incredibly comfortable to use!

    Use a Pillow Encasement Before You Have Bed Bugs?

    Your pillow is one of the most exposed places when it comes to bed bugs, with standard pillow cases giving them an easy place to hide. A bed bug’s food source is blood, and they are nocturnal, looking for their blood meal at night when you and your family are fast asleep. Bed bugs are intelligent little insects, and can move far and fast for their size (about the size of an apple seed full grown). They hide in the cracks of your floor, behind wall hangings, in mattress and pillow seams, inside your box spring and in your clothing. Once they locate their meal of blood, they come running! Protect yourself with our SecureSleep™ Pillow Protection as part of a comprehensive anti-bed bug program.

    Why Use a Pillow Protector After You Have Bed Bugs?

    Once you confirm there is a bed bug problem, you need to move quickly and take steps to eradicate the problem. You should contact a licensed and reputable pest control company and follow their directions to the letter, which should include encasing all your bedding and laundry with our SecureSleep™ line of outstanding products. Bed bugs will be trapped inside and unable to get out, keeping them from breeding and feeding on you and your family. You should follow the pest control company’s instructions on washing bed bug infected clothes as well as other encasement steps, allowing you and your family to get back to normal.

    Get Additional Health Benefits, Too!

    Our SecureSleep™ pillow protector also protects against dust mites, other allergens and bio-fluids. Since we’re talking about the very place you lay your head down for 1/3 of your life, keeping these known allergy triggers out of your airway is probably a wise move!

    ASA Endorsed!

    Bedbug.com is pleased to have been selected to receive the exclusive endorsement of The American Sleep Association (ASA). The ASA, the leading sleep health organization in the US, put our products through a series of tests conducted in a state-of-the-art sleep laboratory as well as real-world sleep environments - and our products proved their effectiveness.

    Product Features

    100% Micro-Polyester
    Comfortable, Breathable Fabric
    Patent Pending Zipper Technology
    Entomologist Tested Effective
    Machine Washable
    Lifetime Warranty
    Money Back Guarantee
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