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    Premium Mattress Encasement

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    Premium Mattress Encasement

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    Our bed bug mattress covers act as complete bedding encasements, leaving no room for bed bugs! Entomologist tested and recommended, this bed bug proof mattress cover features scientifically-tested and patent pending zipper technology. Our mattress encasement and zipper technology work together to stop the penetration of bed bugs.

    Our Secure Sleep™ bed bug encasement products have a Lifetime Warranty &amp 21 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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    Price From: $59.99
    Price From: $59.99

    Product Description

    Bed Bug Mattress Encasement

    If you want to take preventative measures to avoid bed bugs in your mattress, or need to protect a bed as part of a comprehensive bed bug treatment plan, this is the mattress protector for you!

    Bed bugs are completely unable to transit in or out when you use our premium SecureSleep™ mattress cover! Entomologist tested and recommended, this anti bed bug mattress protector features scientifically designed and patent pending Zip Tech™ zipper technology, with 3-way protection and re-enforced seams. Also, unlike some products which just cover the mattress top, leaving the rest exposed, SecureSleep™ mattress protection fully encases your mattress from top to bottom, and has a re-enforced interior lining, making it long-lasting and durable. Additionally, there are no pesticides used in our mattress covers, providing you and your family with a safe, healthy and secure sleep environment.

    Why Protect Your Mattress Before You Have Bed Bugs?

    Bed bugs feed on blood, and seek their meal during night time hours, while you and your family are asleep. Bed bugs are very crafty and mobile, hiding in cracks in your floor, behind wall hangings, in the seams of your mattress, and inside your box spring. Once they detect their host, out they come! Covering your mattress with our SecureSleep™ mattress protector (and when used with our box spring cover when applicable) will prevent bed bugs from taking root in your mattress, keeping you and your family safe and secure while protecting your valuable mattress investment.

    Why Use Mattress Protection After You Have Bed Bugs?

    Once it's been determined that you do have a bed bug infestation, you must take critical steps to solve the problem fast. Seek out an experienced professional pest control company and follow their instructions, which should include covering your mattresses with SecureSleep™ mattress protectors. Bed bugs will be trapped inside and cannot escape, preventing them from spreading and biting you and your family. Once your mattress is covered, you can continue to use it in complete comfort and security.

    Get Relief from Allergies with SecureSleep™ Mattress Protectors

    Dust mites are one of the most common causes for allergies in humans. These microscopic bugs root deep inside your mattress and can cause reactions ranging from mild sniffling and sneezing to severe congestion, eczema, asthma and more. Also present in mattresses are pollens, dust, molds, fungus and bio-fluids. Bedbug.com's SecureSleep™ mattress protection puts these worries in their place - away from you and your respiratory system!

    Exclusive Endorsement!

    Bedbug.com is proud to have the exclusive endorsement of The American Sleep Association (ASA). This leading sleep health organization conducted rigorous testing in both real-world sleep environments and a state-of-the-art sleep laboratory; and Bedbug.com’s products passed with flying colors, receiving the exclusive endorsement of the ASA.

    Product Features

    - 100% Micro-Polyester
    - Comfortable, Breathable Fabric
    - Patent Pending Zipper Technology
    - Entomologist Tested Effective
    - Machine Washable
    - Lifetime Warranty
    - Money Back Guarantee
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