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    Premium Travel Laundry Bag

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    Premium Travel Laundry Bag

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    Our anti bed bug laundry bags are impermeable and stop the penetration of bed bugs in fabric. Don’t let bed bugs infest your clothes! Keep them safe and prevent further infestation by using our premium bed bug proof laundry bag with patent pending zipper technology. Order your bed bug laundry bag now!

    Bed Bug Prevention Suggestion: Buy one for dirty laundry and one for clean laundry.

    Our Sleep Safe™ bed bug encasement products have a Lifetime Warranty & 21 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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    Product Description

    Anti-Bed Bug SecureSleep™ Laundry Bag

    Keep your laundry away from bed bugs by using our premium and exclusive SecureSleep™ Laundry Bags. It’s an important element in any bed bug prevention strategy. If you already have a bed bugs infestation, it’s even more important as part of a comprehensive pest management plan.

    Bed bugs cannot get into our properly closed Laundry Bag! This top quality laundry protection bag is entomologist tested and has the same outstanding features found in our premium mattress, box spring and other anti-bed bug products, such as scientifically designed and patent pending Zip Tech™ zipper technology, with 3-way protection and re-enforced seams.

    Why Protect Your Laundry Before You Have Bed Bugs?

    Clothing is one of the most vulnerable places when it comes to bed bugs, providing them with ample hiding places. A bed bug’s entire food source is blood, and they are nocturnal, searching for their blood meal late at night when you and your family are asleep. Bed bugs are clever, and move fast and far for their size (about the size of an apple seed full grown). Although bedbugs don't discriminate between a clean and dirty house, they do like clutter and tend to be happy if they are left undisturbed. So get a laundry bag for every bedroom in the house. They hide in cracks in the floor, behind wall hangings, in mattress and pillow seams, inside your box spring and in your clothing. Once they determine their blood meal is nearby, they hit the floor running! Protecting your laundry with our SecureSleep™ Laundry Bag will help prevent bed bugs from taking refuge in your clothing, and will assist in keeping you and your family safe and secure.

    Why Use a Laundry Bag After You Have Bed Bugs?

    Once it's confirmed that you do have a bed bug problem, you must take steps to eliminate the problem quickly. Contact a reputable pest control company and follow their instructions, which should include bagging all your loose laundry with our SecureSleep™ laundry bag. Bed bugs will be locked inside and unable to escape, keeping them from multiplying and feeding on you and your family. Follow the pest control company’s instructions on washing bed bug infected clothes as well as other encasement steps, and you should be back to normal in short order.

    Use Our Anti-Bed Bug Laundry Bag When You Travel

    The most common method of transporting bed bugs occurs when you travel. Hotels have been particularly hard hit, with everything from the local roadside motel to 5 star resorts seeing bed bug infestation. Nobody is immune! You are also susceptible on airplanes, cruise ships, trains, taxis and buses. Protect your laundry with our exclusive SecureSleep™ Laundry Bags.

    Laundry Bags on Campus

    Another excellent place to have effective bed bug protection is on college campuses. Dormitories have been particularly hard hit due to the close quarters typically found there. We suggest you have at least two laundry bags – one for dirty clothes, and one for clean. Another great idea is to use our luggage liners as protection in your dresser drawers. This, along with a mattress cover, will minimize your chances of a bed bug infestation.

    Top Endorsement Achieved!

    Bedbug.com is proud to have been awarded the exclusive endorsement of The American Sleep Association (ASA). The ASA, a top sleep health organization, conducted strenuous testing using a state-of-the-art sleep laboratory along with real-world sleep environments - and Bedbug.com’s line of anti-bed bug products met the challenge!

    Product Features

    - 100% Micro-Polyester
    - Patent Pending Zipper Technology
    - Entomologist Tested Effective
    - Machine Washable
    - Lifetime Warranty
    - Money Back Guarantee
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