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    Dorm Room Protection Bundle

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    Dorm Room Protection Bundle

    Our Sleep Safe™ bed bug proof dorm products have a Lifetime Warranty & 21 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Value Pack Includes:

    1 Pillow Encasement - Standard 20 x 26 in
    1 Mattress Encasement:Twin XL 39 x 80 x 9 in
    2 Laundry Bags- 20 x 32 in

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    Regular Price: $114.98

    Special Price $99.99

    Product Description

    Smart Buy for Dorm

    College dormitory life is obviously an exciting and highly social environment to live in for young college students. However, the bed bug has decided to get into the act, wreaking havoc on campuses across the US. Due to the close quarters and transient nature of dorm life, it’s no surprise. That’s why Bedbug.com has put together a special value package for this exact situation. The Smart Buy for Dorm contains everything you need for the job - effective mattress and pillow protection as well as two of our exclusive anti-bed bug laundry bags.

    Effective Protection Where You Need It Most!

    Entomologist tested, this Smart Buy for Dorm features scientifically designed and patent pending Zip Tech™ zipper technology, with 3-way protection and re-enforced seams. Unlike some products which only cover the mattress top, leaving the rest exposed (like a fitted sheet), SecureSleep™ protection fully encases your mattress and pillow from top to bottom, and has a PVC re-enforced interior lining, which ensures long-lasting durability. Plus, unlike some, our products are 100% pesticide free, ensuring that you have a safe, healthy and secure sleep environment. Make sure your roommate uses a Smart Buy for Dorm, too!

    Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

    Bed bugs move very easily from room to room and can crawl as far as 200 feet in one day. In college dorm buildings, it’s easy to see how quickly bed bugs can spread if left unchecked. They are very crafty, and hide in cracks in the floor, behind posters and picture frames, inside electrical outlets and of course in mattress and laundry left on the floor. Don’t expose yourself to this terrible menace! Protect yourself with a Smart Buy for Dorm today!

    Mom Approves!

    As important as it is for college students to live and sleep in a bed bug-free environment, another big benefit of the Smart Buy for Dorm is the extended protection it gives to your home and family. Make sure you don’t bring home these horrible insects by properly protecting your bedding, laundry and luggage before you make those trips home to see the family!

    An Important Endorsement!

    All our Bedbug.com products have been exclusively endorsed by The American Sleep Association (ASA). The ASA is the top US sleep health organization, and conducted comprehensive testing in real-world sleep environments as well as a state-of-the-art sleep laboratory. The results? The ASA has certified that Bedbug.com’s products are the only one they’ll recommend!

    Product Features

    - 100% Micro-Polyester
    - Comfortable, Breathable Fabric
    - Patent Pending Zipper Technology
    - Entomologist Tested Effective
    - Machine Washable
    - Lifetime Warranty
    - Money Back Guarantee

    Ratings and reviews

    Nicole Jennison

    I was excited to get accepted to a great College. And, since it was the first time I got a chance to live away from the parents, I was also psyched to get to live in the student dorms, because of the social opportunities (ok, parties!). However, once I moved in, I found out the hard way that the mattress in my room was infested with bed bugs (I was covered in big red bites). Gross!!! The dorm advisor replaced the mattress right away, and exterminators came in and sprayed. But I did some surfing online and found your site. Even though they sprayed and all, I decided to order a set of covers. Good move on my part! I haven’t had another problem, but more than a few other people in the building have. I told them how good your products are. Thanks!

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