About Bedbug.com

    The Company

    Bedbug.com is an industry leader in manufacturing technologically advanced, entomologist tested, recommended and highly effective mattress, pillow, luggage and other bed bug protective encasement products. Independent laboratory testing concludes that Bedbug.com's encasements are bed bug proof.


    Bed Bug Proof Encasements

    "SecureSleep™ encasements were completely effective in preventing bed bugs from reaching the encased 'mattresses'. No bed bugs were found inside the SecureSleep™ encasements after five days."

    With many years in the home textile industry, our experience has taught us that there is no substitute for quality, and just as important is our top flight customer service.

    While it is most unfortunate that the bed bug has made a startling and prolific comeback, we at Bedbug.com take a great deal of pride in knowing we offer only the finest quality products for you and your family - because, frankly, our families use them too! And not only are they effective, but they're comfortable, as well. That's what we call a win/win situation - except of course for the bed bug!

    In addition, as part of our commitment to you, our valued customers, we make sure nobody stands behind their products like Bedbug.com. We offer a 21 day 'no questions asked' money back guarantee as well as a full lifetime warranty. Simply stated, it's why you know you can buy with total confidence.

    But remember, encasements by themselves will not necessarily prevent a bed bug problem, so don't forget to enlist the services of a qualified pest control professional in order to achieve a total bed bug solution!

    Our Missionbedbug.com mattress covers marketing saffern

    We created bedbug.com to assist people in feeling that their life is under control and secure. We get up out of bed every morning with the purpose of helping as many people as possible understand the extent of this global epidemic. We provide products, knowledge and solutions to rid this bug from their personal lives and from those they love. We can only win the battle against bed bugs if we all play an active role.

    Bedbug.com is an integral part of the overall solution and a cost effective means of protecting against infestations long term. We aim to provide the best defense against bed bugs on the market today. Comfort, quality, and integrity are a cornerstone of our being…giving you the confidence to sleep at night and the energy to perform during the day. We provide you with reliable premium textile products at affordable pricing, while giving back to the community at large. We measure our success based upon the level of customer satisfaction.

    At bedbug.com, we empower people to seek new challenges and lead. We encourage employees to take on new responsibilities for which they take ownership and advance, exceeding their limitations and our expectations.

    Social responsibilities are encouraged. Many of our employees coach or volunteer with youth and non-profit organizations and are active within their communities. Together we can win the war against bed bugs.