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Bed Bug Garment Bag Liner

Our bed bug  proof garment bag encasements prevent bed bugs from entering into your clothing while hanging in closets at home and at hotels. These garment bag liners are entomologist tested bed bug proof, and recommended by bedbug exterminators, to keep you safe from bed bugs during travel. Protecting clothing from bed bugs is an essential step for bed bug control and prevention. Just because it's a suit garment carrier doesn't mean it should be a bed bug carrier. Prevent bedbugs in your clothes with bed bug clothing protection today!

One size: 25 x 52
Price: $ 24.99   

Our bed bug travel garment bag liner along with all SecureSleep™ bed bug products have a unique Lifetime Warranty & 'No Questions Asked' Money Back Guarantee!

Bedbug clothing protector, luggage liner for protection while you travel Bed Bug Proof Garment Bag Liners by SecureSleep™ 

Experts concur that the most common way of spreading bed bug infestation is through travel. Don’t let these insects get a foothold in your home! Whenever you venture away from the house with ypur garment suit bags, be sure to include Bedbug.com’s SecureSleep™ garment bag liners as a standard part of your travel routine! It’s a necessary element of any effective bed bug control plan.

Bed bugs in hotels?! You bet! Hotels and B&B’s have been hard hit, as have cruise ships, airplanes, even taxis and buses. Don’t get caught without luggage protection. Garment suit bags are the perfect places for bed bugs to infest your clothes, whether hanging in a hotel or in storage. You can even use them at home to safely store your items. Made of the finest quality and lab tested for effectivene bed bug prevention, this is the best luggage protection available today! Use them in conjunction with our other bed bug luggage liners for maximum protection while flying.

Bedbug clothing protector, luggage liner for protection while you travel Why Protect Your Luggage?

Clothing is one of the most typical transfer points for bed bugs. Bed bug eggs are small and sticky, easily clinging to most surfaces – including clothing. Do not unwittingly bring these blood feeding pests into your home! Use our luggage liners whenever you travel. They also work great as a drawer liner both at home and on the road, in hotels, bed and breakfasts, long term stays, company apartments, cruise ships, etc.

Bedbug clothing protector, luggage liner for protection while you travel Great on Campus

College dormitories have been a key hot spot for bed bug infestation because of the close living quarters typically seen on campuses. We urge you use garment bag liners when you travel between home and school. This method, along with a mattress cover and laundry bag for both clean and dirty clothes will greatly reduce your chances of a bed bug infestation. Be pal! Make sure your co-worker has a set, too!

Bedbug clothing protector, luggage liner for protection while you travel Top Endorsement for Bedbug.com Products!

Bedbug.com has been given the exclusive endorsement of The American Sleep Association (ASA). The ASA is a top sleep health organization that conducted demanding testing in a state-of-the-art sleep laboratory along as well as a real-world sleep environment. Bedbug.com’s line of outstanding anti-bed bug products met the challenge!

Bedbug clothing protector, luggage liner for protection while you travel Product Features

  • 100% Micro-Polyester
  • Comfortable, Breathable Fabric
  • Patent Pending Zipper Technology
  • Entomologist Tested Effective
  • Machine Washable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Money Back Guarantee

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