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Zippered Mattress Cover: Zip Bed Bugs Out!

Not all bed bug zippers are created equal

Zippered mattress encasements cover all four sides of your mattress to help you to best prevent bed bug bites. But not all zippered mattress covers are created equal, because not all bedbug zippers are equally effective. With Bedbug.com’s scientifically engineered ZipTech™ zipper, you don’t have to worry about all that.

Why are zippered mattress protectors so important?

zippered mattress cover - bedbug pillowBed bugs have tiny probe like teeth called proboscis that can easily bite through most fabrics and/or zippers. Obviously, we didn’t want that happening to our customers. That is why the zipper is so important when buying a bed bug mattress cover. Whether it’s a bedbug pillow cover or a laundry bag, bottom line is you want your zipper teeth small enough to prevent bed bugs from biting in or out.

People often use bed bug pillow covers and mattress encasements to trap bed bugs in their beds and prevent future infestations. With the ZipTech™ zipper, we’re confident you can do just that! Still not convinced? Click here to see the full bed bug proof testing report.

What’s so special about the ZipTech™ bedbug zipper?

This zipper was created with the safety and comfort of you and your family in mind! That is why we’ve created a patent pending technology to triple seal bed bugs out! Here’s how it works:

zippered mattress cover bed bugs

Zip Out Bed Bugs Today!

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