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Bed Bug Safety Tips: Protect Your Family from Bedbugs

Protect your family from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your family from bedbugs
Protect your home from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your home from bedbugs
Protect your clothes from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your clothing from bedbugs
Protect against bedbugs while you travel. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect against bedbugs while traveling

The problem with bed bugs is that they can infiltrate every aspect of your family's life! Even the most basic necessity, a good night's rest, can no longer be taken for granted! With the rapid increase in bed bug infestation, bed time is now tinged with anxiety.


"Over 80% of bed bug infestations are found in the mattress or box spring!"

To protect your family, protect your bedding!


Did you know that over 80% of bedbug infestations are found in the mattress or box spring?

The fact that a female bed bug (which is about the size of an apple seed) can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, drives home the urgency and importance of protecting your family from any chance of coming in contact with even one bed bug.

But, do not fear, help is near! Learn how to check for bed bugs and how to avoid and treat bed bugs. Knowledge goes a long way in keeping your family safe from bed bugs.

Here are bed bug safety tips to ensure that simple pleasures such as sleepover parties, renting a halloween costume, or visiting friends are no longer fraught with the danger of exposing your family to bed bugs:

  • When having a sleepover  
    One of the best parts about being a kid is sleepovers. One of the worst parts for parents is the possibility of getting bed bugs. Here are some good ideas
  • When going off to summer camp  
    Some of the best childhood memories come from summer camp experiences. But these days, bed bugs can come home with your little camper – learn how to prevent it
  • When going off to college  
    College dorm life is a blast! Parties, friends, bed bugs! Yes, bed bugs. Learn how to avoid this blood sucking roommate.
  • In the workplace  
    Are there blood sucking parasites in your office? We're talking about bed bugs of course! Work is stressful enough without them. See tips to avoid bed bugs at work
  • When renting a Halloween costume  
    Nothing is scarier than a good Halloween costume, right? Well, if that costume has bed bugs, it suddenly just got a whole lot more frightening. Here are some good tips to avoid the problem
  • When residing in a dormitory  
    School is definitely cool, but bed bugs are not. Learn how to avoid them here
  • When using a daycare center  
    Sending your little one off to a daycare center can be a bit frightening at times. Make sure bed bugs don’t get into the mix!
  • When staying in a hospital  
    Hospital stays can be very stressful. Don’t make it worse by bringing home bed bugs. Here are some good tips
  • When visiting family and friends  
    It’s always fun to visit your old friends and family. Make sure you keep them safe by leaving bed bugs out of the reunion
  • When seeing out patients at their home  
    If you are a professional outpatient caregiver, you can easily be exposed to bed bugs. We have some good tips on staying clear of these pests
  • When residing in Senior Resident Housing  
    Assisted living is a good option for those in need. But bed bugs are a real threat, so take a look at these tips so you can avoid them
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