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Bed Bug Safety Tips: Protect Your Clothing from Bedbugs

Protect your family from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your family from bedbugs
Protect your home from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your home from bedbugs
Protect your clothes from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your clothing from bedbugs
Protect against bedbugs while you travel. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect against bedbugs while traveling

Bed bugs are very crafty insects and can spread in various ways. One of the more common ways is they hitch a ride on your clothing. In many cases, clothes are left on the floor, where bed bugs tend to be hiding.


"Bed bugs are very crafty ... they hitch a ride on your clothing!"

To protect clothing, use anti-bedbug laundry bags!


Hotels and dormitories are the most typical places where this can occur. Do not make this mistake, especially when you are on the road or even when staying over at a friend or relative’s home!

Learn more about how to check for bed bugs and how to avoid bed bugs or treat bed bugs. Knowledge goes a long way to keeping your home safe from bed bugs.

There are some very easy steps you can take to avoid bedbugs in your clothing! Protect yourself, your family and your valuable bedding. Here are some important tips on how to do it:

  • When shopping (communal dressing room)
    Bed bugs can easily be picked up while shopping. That changing room is a busy place! Take the right steps to avoid bed bugs now!
  • When using a health club locker room
    Bed bugs love a hot, sweaty environment. Stay bed bug free while at the gym!
  • When doing laundry
    Are you sure those clothes are clean? Bed bugs are crafty, they hitch rides on clothing. Here's how to avoid bed bugs in your laundry.
  • When using a Laundromat
    Where did you set your clothes down? Bed bugs are easily picked up at Laundromats.
  • When living with roommates
    Roommates can be great, but their habits may not be. Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to bed bug avoidance. Try these tips:
  • When using a drycleaner
    Dry cleaning is a common place to accidentally get a case of bed bugs. Here are some good tips for keeping them away.
  • When renting your wedding dress
    It’s your special day, and the dress rental is perfect. Did you want those bed bugs as bride’s maids? Didn’t think so. Here are some good ideas on how to avoid them.
  • When renting your tuxedo
    Puttin’ on the Ritz? Bed bugs are easy to get when renting a tux. Here’s how to avoid them.
  • When buying vintage clothing
    Dressing up Vintage? If you wind up with bed bugs you’ll spend a lot more money than if you would have bought new clothing. Here are some suggestions
  • When buying secondhand clothing
    Buying secondhand clothing can save you money. Be sure not to pick up bed bugs with your bargain!
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