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Bed Bug Safety Tips: Protect Against Bedbugs While Traveling

Protect your family from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your family from bedbugs
Protect your home from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your home from bedbugs
Protect your clothes from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your clothing from bedbugs
Protect against bedbugs while you travel. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect against bedbugs while traveling

The single most common way to pick up bed bugs is when you are traveling. With the millions of people who enter the various transportation and lodging systems available to the general public, it’s easy to see how bed bugs can spread rapidly.


"The most common way to pick up bed bugs is when you are traveling!"

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Hotels have been particularly hard hit with bed bug infestations, costing millions of dollars.

Guests must pay particular attention when using a hotel – 1 star or 5 star.

There are some measures you can and certainly should take while you travel in order to protect yourself and your family from bringing bed bugs into your living and sleeping environment.

Here are bed bug safety tips to ensure that don't expose your family and home to bed bugs picked up while traveling:

  • Bed Bug Prevention for Travel
    General advice and recommendation to prevent the spread of bed bugs
  • When going to a hotel
    Bed bugs are regular guests at hotels. Make sure you stay clear
  • When honeymooning
    Start your married life on the right foot – bed bug free. Here are some valuable tips to avoid this problem while on honeymoon
  • When renting a recreational vehicle (RV, camper)
    Who rented that car last? Did they leave behind bed bugs? Learn how to avoid them
  • When flying
    Security can’t stop bed bugs on airplanes! Take the steps needed to protect yourself on flights
  • When traveling
    Bed bugs love to travel. Make sure you are not helping them do so! Here are some important tips
  • When renting a car
    Car rentals are great, but make sure you are not renting a bed bug problem along with the car. Read these tips before you rent
  • When taking a cruise
    Make sure your cruise is a dream trip and not a bed bug stow-a-way nightmare! Here’s how to protect yourself
  • When camping
    The great outdoors is fantastic! The bed bugs like it too, so make sure you read how to avoid them
  • When using public transportation (taxi, train or bus)
    Using public transportation is great for your wallet, and great for the environment. But bed bugs are there, too. Make sure you stay clear!
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