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News Stories

Current News Stories

Getting rid of Bed bugs causes Fire   Cary family was getting rid of bed bugs when fire broke out
October 16, 2011, By NBC17 Staff
DMV Closed for Pest Management after Bed Bug Found   Bed bug discovery shuts Littleton DMV office
October 14, 2011, By Jeffrey Wolf
Bugs in the Bed Cause Major Anxiety   Bedbugs stir extreme anxiety
October 7, 2011, By Kimberly Hayes Taylor
Insecticides for Bed Bugs that Kill   Bedbugs? Fix may be worse than bugs themselves
September 23, 2011, By David W. Freedman
Florida warned about bed bugs in hotels   Inspectors issue 62 bed bug warnings to Florida hotels, motels and apartments in 2011
September 22, 2011, By Wendy Ryan
Remarkable Fact About Female Bed Bugs   Immune System Protects Female Bedbugs From Traumatic Sex
August 22, 2011, By Elizabeth Pennisi
Bed Bug Insurance   Bed Bugs Prompt US Insurers To Offer New Plans
July 19, 2011 By Catharine Paddock, PhD
 Bed Bugs in Celebrity Gym   Bedbugs Invade Celebrity Gym
July 8, 2011

Archived News Stories

Bed bugs outlast Remedies   Bedbugs Outlast Many Quick remedies
May 25, 2011, By Andrew Siff
ross county health bedbugs   Ross County Health District Working on New Bed Bug response
May 18, 2011, Gazette Staff
Ottowa bed bugs   Number of Bed Bug Cases in Ottawa Doubles
May 17, 2011, By Stefan Keyes
bedbug anxiety   Bedbugs May Trigger Anxiety
May 15, 2011, By Kristina Fiore
bedbug seaweed deaths   Toxic Seaweed Deaths Blamed on Chemical Bed Bug Spray
May 9, 2011, By Paul Chapman
nj bedbugs schools   Bedbugs are sighted at Jersey City School 23 but officials can't fully exterminate
December 20, 2010, By the Jersey Journal
abc news bedbug traveler   A Traveler's Guide to Avoiding Bedbugs, Germs in Hotels
December 9, 2010, The Independent Traveler, By Caroline Costello
THE NEW YORK TIMES   EPA to hold national bed bug summit
December 9, 2010, By Andrew Rustuccia
bedbugs juicy   Bedbugs Found In Juicy Couture Store On 5th Ave.
December 1, 2010
waldorf bed bugs THE NEW YORK POst   Michigan couple claims they were bitten by bedbugs at Waldorf
November 5, 2010, New York Post, By Cynthia R. Fagen
bed bugs wall street journal   Bedbugs: The Bright Side
August 7, 2010, Wall Street Journal, By A. Kadet
bedbugs in abercrombie ny press   Bed Bugs Hit Hollister
July 1, 2010, New York Press, By Eric Shapiro
msn money bedbugs   Goldman Sachs crawling with bedbugs?
June 17, 2010, msn money, By Elizabeth Strott
msnbc.jpg   Bad Bugs Bite Back
MSNBC.com, March 20th, 2010, By Dennis Murphy
KABC-TV LOS ANGELES, CA   New ways to rid of pesky bed bug problems
February 16, 2010, ABC Local, By Denise Dador
 nj.com   Bill to make landlords responsible for bedbug exterminations clears Assembly committee
February 12, 2010, nj.com, By Journal Staff
Fay Observer News   Bedbugs bite homeless shelter
Fri Feb 5, 2010, fay Observer, By Catherine Pritchard
Digital spy news   Rihanna label 'infected with bedbugs'
February 5 2010, Digital Spy, By David Balls, Music Reporter
ABC news   What's Eating You? Seven Terrible Parasites, From Tapeworms to Bedbugs
January 27, 2010, ABC News
Columbia Spectator news   Bedbugs spread, residents criticize city’s inaction
January 26, 2010, Columbia Spectator, By Claire Luchette
USA Today   San Francisco's Heritage Marina named the dirtiest hotel in America
January 21, 2010, USA Toady, By Laura Bly
KGW news   Portland State students sue over bedbugs
January 19, 2010, KGW.com, By Anne Yeager
Toronto sun logo   Call for provincial funding to beat bedbugs
January 11, 2010, Toronto Sun, By Antonella Artuso and Bryn Weese
The Register Citizen   Bugs still plague local shelter
January 5, 2010, The Register Citizen News, By Dan Ivers
Times Online   Rats and bedbugs take over where Dawnay, Day left off in Harlem
January 2, 2010, Times Online
Star Tribune News Article   No easy battle against bedbugs
January 1, 2010, Star Tribune, By Abby Simons
Columbus Dispatch News Article   Roasting bedbugs exterminates them
December 13, 2009, The Columbus Dispatch, By Peggy O’Farrell
San Fransisco Chronicle News Article   Heat treatment won't ward off return of bedbugs
December 9, 2009, San Francisco Chronicle, By Richard Fagerlund
THE NEW YORK TIMES   Ohio Wants to Use Industrial Poison on Bedbugs at Home
November 12, 2009, The New York Times, By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
 nj.com   City tenants sue over bedbugs; infestations a growing problem
November 20, 2009, nj.com, By Lisa Coryell
 The Sun Times   Bed bugs take over
November 21st, 2009, The Sun Times, By Bill Henry
 The Standard   Don't let the bed bugs bite
November 21st, 2009, The Standard, By TIFFANY MAYER
 NBC4i Logo   Bedbugs: Are Unwanted Guests In Your Hotel Bed?
November 12th 2009, nbc4i
    Major bed bug spike hits Toronto
November 9th 2009, CBC News
CLEVELAND.COM   Bedbugs in CMHA apartments give senior citizens a double pain
September 29th 2009, Cleveland.com, By Patrick O'Donnell
THE BEACON HERALD   Can you solve the mystery of patient's anemia?
September 29th 2009, The Beacon Herald
THE NEW YORK TIMES   Bedbug Problem Closes Building at John Jay College, Postponing Classes
September 24th 2009, The New York Times, By JOEL STONINGTON and JENNIFER 8. LEE
BBC NEWS   Bed bug infestations 'increasing'
September 14th 2009, BBC NEWS, By Cory Allen
Sun Sentinel Logo   Ewwwwwww -- They're here. Invasion of the bed bugs
September 6th, 2009, Sun Sentinel.com, By Liz Doup
Califirnia Chronicle Logo   When Bed Bugs Check In, Guests Check Out!
August 21, 2009, California Chronicle, By Douglas Stern
The New York Times   Bedbugs (Itch, Itch, Scratch, Scratch)!
August 23rd 2009, The New York Times, By The Editors
SPRINGFIELD NEWS-SUN   SMHA addresses bed bug issue
August 28th 2009, SPRINGFIELD NEWS-SUN, By Kelly Mori, Staff Writer
OregonLive.com   Bedbugs move into Longview homeless shelter
August 21st 2009, OregonLive.com, By The Associated Press
msnbc   Bed bug weapon uses insect's own juice
June 11, 2009, By Emily Sohn
bbc   Bed Bugs
July 2nd, 2009, BBC News, By Staff Writer
New York Times Logo.jpg   Sleeping With the Enemy (Bed Bugs)
July 10th, 2009, By WALECIA KONRAD
StarTribune   Bedbugs: Unintended Souvenirs
June 13th, 2009, Star Tribune, By Karen Youso
Telegraph Co Uk   Bed Bug Epidemic Amid Rise in Foreign Travel
April 14th, 2009, Telegraph.co.uk, By Staff Writer
New York Times Logo.jpg   Keeping Those Bed Bugs from Biting
April 13th, 2009, New York Times, By Jane E. Brody
bbc   US to Tackle Resurgent Bed Bugs
April 13th, 2009, BBC News, By Staff Writer
Science Daily.gif   Control, Treatment Of Bed Bugs Challenging
April 7th, 2009, Science Daily, By Staff Writer
Fox News.jpg   Bedbugs Not Just Confined to Beds: Infestation Spreading to Subways, Theaters and Hotels
April 1, 2009 Fox News
american chronicle logo.png   Bed Bug Invasion: Fact or Media Frenzy?
March 13th, 2009, American Chronicle, By Douglas Stern
USA Today   Bed Bugs Move Into Dorms
USA Today, August 20th, 2008, By Greg Toppo
CTV   Bed Bugs a Creeping Fear for Residents, Landlords
November 19th, 2007, CTV.ca News, By Sandie Benitah
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