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Bed Bugs Ohio – Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton Have Bedbug Infestations

Pennsylvania Experiences Bed Bug Epidemic

It Aint Easy Being Green

New Integrated Approach to War on Bed Bugs

Let the Pros Kill Bed Bugs

2009 Bedbug Article Archive

Sleep Hygiene

The Chemical War Against Bed Bugs

2010 - The Year of the Bed Bug

Protect Your Bedroom from Bed Bugs

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Bed Bug Phobia? You’re Not Alone!

Fighting Bed Bugs on Campus

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Bed Bugs and Their Bites

Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug Feeding Habits

A Case For Encasement

Bed Bug Habits and History

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Bed Bug Infestation

Bed Bug Detection

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Bed Bugs Wreak Havoc

Bed Bug Re-Emergence in Modern Society

International Bed Bugs

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Clean Sleep Environment

Sleep Articles

Part 1: Sleep Basics - Why Do We Need Sleep

Part 2: How Much Sleep is Enough Sleep

Part 3: What are the Benefits of Sleep

Part 4: Importance of REM Stage Sleep and Dreaming

Part 5: What are Circadian Rhythms

Part 6: Disease Associated with Sleep

Part 7: Sleep Disorders


Bed Bug Safety Tips

Protect Your Family

When having a sleepover

When going off to Summer Camp

When going off to college

In the workplace

When residing in a dormitory

When renting a Halloween costume

When using a daycare center

When staying in a hospital

When visiting family and friends

When seeing out patients at their home

When residing in a Senior Resident Housing

Protect Your Home

When getting married & setting up a new home

When buying your first bed

When using a cleaning service

Bed bug tips for landlords

When choosing a caterer

When renovating or redecorating

When buying an apartment/home

When returning from a trip

When living in a multi-unit house

When renting an apartment/home

When renting furniture (for home, office, or party)

When renting storage

When inviting guests

Preparing for Bed Bug Exterminator Services

Protect Your Clothing

When shopping (communal dressing room)

When using a health club locker room

When doing laundry

When using a Laundromat

When living with room mates

When using a drycleaner

When renting your wedding dress

When renting your tuxedo

When buying vintage clothing

When buying secondhand clothing

Protect While You Travel

When going to a hotel

When honeymooning

When renting a recreational vehicle (RV, camper)

When flying

When traveling

When renting a car

When taking a cruise

When camping

When using public transport (taxi, train or bus)



Bed Bug Photo Gallery

Bed Bug Bites

Bedbug bites on forearm

Close-up bedbug bites

Bedbug bites on chin

Series of bed bug bites

Bedbug engorged while feeding

Adult bedbug ingesting blood meal

Spectrum of bedbug bites

Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bedbug egg, nymph, adult

Bedbugs during life cycle

Adult and nymph bedbugs

Bedbug nymph ingesting meal

Bed Bug Infestation

Bedbug infestation in mattress

Bedbugs crawling on mattress

Single bedbug found on a box spring

Bedbug fecal stains

Bedbug mating process

Preparation for bedbug elimination

Remove pets before bedbug extermination

General Bed Bug Photos

Bedbug, Cimex lectularius

Dorsal view of bedbug

Adult bedbug crawling on human

Bedbug ingesting a blood meal

Lateral view of bedbug

Adult bedbug

Bedbug in plastic container

Bedbug ingesing meal from host

Frontal view of adult bedbug

Adult bedbug top view

Adult bedbug close-up

Bedbug ingesting blood - view 1

Bedbug ingesting blood - view 2

Bedbug ingesting blood - view 3

Bedbug nymph on partridge paper

Adult bedbug crawling on host

Anterior of adult bedbug

Two adult bedbugs side by side

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