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Dust Mite Containment

Dust mites are one of the leading causes of allergies in today's sleep environment. Causing symptoms such as itching, sneezing, eczema, watery and red eyes, asthma and other respiratory ailments, it is no wonder that millions of people suffer every day from these pesky bugs. Harmless by themselves, it is the dust mite’s feces, stomach by-products and carcasses that are the actual culprits which wreak such havoc, especially for those who currently suffer from allergies and asthma.
Unlike bed bugs, dust mites do not live on their host (you) directly, but instead feed off the shed skin cells, flakes and dander that a person exudes each day, which can average up to 1.5 grams (approximately .3 -.45kg per year)! Microscopic, sightless and eight legged, they are descended from spiders. Males will live a life cycle of 10-19 days, while a mated female will live up to 70 days and lay a prolific 60-80 eggs before her death, leaving approximately 2,000 fecal groups behind in her wake.

These waste products then break down into a fine dust which is sent airborne with the simplest of movements, such as turning in bed or shaking out the sheets, as well as sticking to the bedding indefinitely. Natural to the indoors, dust mites thrive in areas where human dander accumulates, namely mattresses, pillows, carpets and furniture. Basically, any place that you spend a significant amount of time.
Since there is such close proximity that your mouth, body and nose have with your pillows and mattresses, it is a very easy pathway for dust mite byproducts to enter into your respiratory system and create an allergic reaction. There is currently no cure for dust mite allergies, only prevention, isolation and reduction of the dust mites themselves. Thus, by using a dust mite cover to encase the surfaces most commonly affected, it can significantly reduce exposure by containing the allergens and by-products. Bedbug.com's SleepSecure™ line of products is entomologist tested and recommended.
Our SecureSleep™ brand mattress, pillow and laundry encasements feature our scientifically-tested and patent pending Zip Tech™ zipper technology,  and 100% micro-polyester, which render them impermeable to dust mites and the allergens they spread. In addition, they were designed to be comfortable and breathable, so you can get that well deserved night of sound sleep. So, for proper, safe and effective anti-allergy protection, isolate your bedding with our dust mite covers and win the fight against dust mites.

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