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Bio-Fluid Protection Features

The average person expels a startling 15 liters of perspiration a month while asleep. Pets, children and even adults can have urinary discharge at night. In fact, all manner of liquids can be introduced into the sleeping environment. These fluids easily make their way past the sheets and absorb directly into the mattress.

As these fluids stagnate there, they mix with dust, dirt, dust mite remains and excretions along with other debris, creating a very rich environment for bacteria, molds and funguses to develop. This miasma of biological particulates reemerges in the form of dust and vapors, and is very unhealthy to breathe, to say the least. And, for those who have underlying respiratory, allergy or other health conditions, it can be downright dangerous.

Bedbug.com’s SecureSleep™ mattress and pillow encasements are not only effective in the battle against bed bugs, but they also keep bio-fluids from reaching your mattress in the first place, keeping you secure from this potentially hazardous threat. Our micro-polyester fabric, while breathable and comfortable, is fluid resistant, keeping your mattress clean and safe.

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