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Bed Bug Safety Tips When Renting an Apartment or a Home

Renting a new place to live, whether a single family house or an apartment or condo, you should be careful not to inherit a case of bed bugs. No need to add to the stress by allowing bed bugs into your new home!

Bedbugs very difficult to get rid of, but with careful preparation, you can keep bed bugs out of your new home.

Bedbug tips for your new home:

  • Before going into the apartment, check online to see if bed bugs have recently been reported at or near the address that you are considering renting. Bedbugregistry.com is a good site for this
  • Look for actual bed bugs, bed bug nymphs, bed bug eggs, bed bug shells, and most notably bed bug fecal staining
  • Look along the edges of the floor boards and carpets, behind headboards, paintings and even electrical wall plates
  • If you are renting fully furnished, check around the edges of the mattress, box spring, and other nearby furniture
  • Another big giveaway might be if the current tenant has visible bed bug bites
  • Don’t be fooled. Even extraordinarily luxurious dwellings are subject to bed bug infestations
  • Got choices? Look for apartments with more metal than wood – especially hanging racks and bed frames, as bed bugs have difficulty climbing metal and therefore difficulty getting to your bed and clothing
  • Get a consultation from a licensed pest control professional. Sometimes even for free! It doesn’t hurt to ask
  • If bed bugs are found, immediately notify the landlord so that the necessary steps are taken
  • If you find bed bugs in an already rented apartment, it is the landlord’s responsibility in many cases to take care of much of the extermination cost. In rare cases, rent abatement has even been granted for unlivable conditions. Check to make sure your lease covers this before you sign!

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