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Bed Bug Safety Tips When Kids Have a Sleep-Over

For young kids, sleepovers are an important and fun part of social development. Don’t let the bed bug epidemic ruin the sleepover party!

Tips to keep the kids happy and bed bugs away:

  • Let the parents of your guests know you take bed bug safety seriously, and ask them what steps they take in their homes and see if you’re on the same page.
  • Explain to the children why bed bugs are a problem, and let them participate in the bedbug inspection process. Look carefully for bed bug eggs, because they stick to shoes and pant cuffs very easily.
  • Make sure all bedding your guests use is covered with anti-bed bug encasement. Protect your mattresses, box springs and pillows.
  • Have your guests put their clean clothes in a luggage liner (also can easily be used in a drawer).
  • Make sure the kids keep their clean clothes in one anti-bedbug laundry bag, and the dirty ones in another anti-bedbug laundry bag.

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