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Bed Bugs in the U.S. - The Bedbug Epidemic in Your State


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Did you know that bedding encasements to kill bed bugs are used by over 50% of United States Pest Control Industries? That’s a heck of a lot of mattress covers when you consider that bed bug infestations have increased across the United States by a whopping 500% in the past few years. While New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Hawaii seem to be leading the pack, no state is too far behind in their search for bed bugs and how to prevent and kill those tiny blood sucking fiends. Luckily bed bug task forces have been set up in many states, but we are still a long way from being a bed bug free nation.

So no matter where in the United States you live, bed bugs are in your state! Not only that, interest in bed bugs and bed bug reports are expected to keep climbing unless drastic bed bug prevention measures are taken both at home and abroad. While a bed bug mattress cover is a great first line in matterss protection against bed bugs, that is not all that you will need to fend off those pesky bed bugs. Bedbug.com is proud to provide comprehensive tips and solutions that you can use to prevent bed bugs at home and on the road. 

Don’t bring bed bugs home. Protect your family!

Bed bugs are the 21st century’s most despised souvenir, often returning home in your suitcase and biting your family. The United States is known for its variety in travel opportunities; both for work and pleasure. Unfortunately for us, bed bugs are also known for their proclivity to travel.


"Bed Bugs don’t discriminate"

Even 5 star hotels need to take cover to prevent bed bugs.


That’s right; even 5 star hotels need to cover their mattresses to prevent bed bugs. In fact, more than one third of bed bug infestations occur in hotels and motels, due primarily to the high turnover rate.

Throughout the United States, pest control professionals are spraying, dusting, searching, clearing and protecting against bed bugs. In recent years, over 90% of pest control firms have reported dealing with bedbugs, as opposed to only 37% a few years prior.

Here at Bedbug.com, our goal is to prevent bed bugs and keep you updated on bed bug infestations, wherever your travels may take you.

Reported Bed Bug Infestations Increase Both Domestically and Internationally


'Bed bugs' public interest peaks in the United States

United States bed bug statistics increasing search trends


Updated April 1st, 2010

All across the United States, travelers and at home citizens are itching from bed bug bites.

The increase in bed bugs has brought an increase in bed bug awareness and states across the U.S. have set up bedbug task forces and hotlines to help you in your battle against bed bugs.

U.S. States with bed bug task forces:

National Bed Bug Statistics

  • Bed bug complaints to pest control companies increased by 500% in the U.S. between 2000 and 2004. (National Geographic News)
  • In 2009, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development received 13,152 bug infestation complaints. (NYC DHPD)
  • Last year bed bug infestations were reported in every state in the U.S., and reports are increasing exponentially each year. (Douglas Stern of Stern Environmental)
  • In an online survey of 509 U.S. pest control firms, 91% encountered bed bugs in the past two years, whereas only 37% recalled seeing them five years ago.
  • "Five years ago, we received two (bed bug) calls. This year we are on pace to receive 2,000 to 2,500 (bed bug) calls." (Andrew Christman, vice president of the Ohio exterminating Co., PCT Magazine, 2010)
  • The Steritech Group, a pest-management company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, claimed that 25% of the 700 hotels they surveyed between 2002 and 2006 needed bedbug treatment.
  • Bedbug complaints in New York City alone grew from 10,509 in 2006 to 22,218 last year. And that’s just the people who call 311. Don’t forget the people that do call exterminators and the do it yourselfers.
  • A survey in Cincinnati, found that roughly 1 in 6 people have had bed bugs in 2007. This shows the significant underrepresentation in reported bed bug rates, as the survey compared to the official stats in Cincinnati for that same period would yield an under-reporting rate of more than 98%! (Brickunderground.com)
  • In the U.S the bed bug infestation is so rampant that there are even lawyers who specialize in bed bug litigation. (Hostelmanagement.com)
  • 52% of U.S. pest control agencies reported using anti - bed bug bedding encasements. (Potter, Romero & Haynes, 2008)
  • Bed bug extermination services typically cost between $1,000 - $4,000; while complete preventative bedding and travel encasements are typically less than $200.

What you can do to stay safe from bed bugs

How Bedbug.com works to secure your sleep

Staying protected from bed bugs is a full time job – even cutting into your vacation! You must take care to prevent bed bugs in your luggage and bedding, especially while traveling. And it does not matter where you are or where you’re going, because bed bugs have been reported in every state! That’s right. Bed bugs are currently in your state, but luckily so are Bedbug.com SecureSleep™ encasement products.


"That’s right. Bed bugs are currently in your state…"

But luckily so are Bedbug.com SecureSleep™ encasement products.


Bed bugs are truly everywhere. So to get complete bed bug protection, you must be thorough in your bed bug proofing efforts. No apartment, hotel or home is safe. With bed bugs, even a plane ride or a simple nap can end up in an itching disaster. Here are a few steps Bedbug.com has put together to help you prevent bed bugs across the globe and at home.

Bedbug.com goes beyond bed bug bedding and travel encasements with these tips:

  • The best way to stay bed bug free at home is to use the full line of Bedbug.com bedding. Covering all of your mattresses, pillows and box springs with anti-bedbug encasements is a top notch means of prevention for your entire family because SecureSleep™ encasement products are proven 100% bed bug proof!
  • Avoid bed bugs while traveling by inspecting all areas before settling in to your room or cabin. Bed bugs love to hide in drawers, headboards, under carpets and even behind wall outlets.
  • Before returning home, it is always a good idea to check any bags you have traveled with and to empty the contents of SecureSleep™ bed bug bags and liners straight into your washer at home.
  • Into vintage clothing and furniture? So are bed bugs. Check any used sofa, mattress, etc. thoroughly before bringing it into your home.
  • Bed bugs are good climbers, but they have a difficult time climbing up slick, clean metal and glass surfaces. So if you are considering a new headboard or drawer set for your bed, consider using bed bug free materials and keeping the area clutter free.
  • Looking for more bed bug prevention tips? Bedbug.com has got you covered with over 40 bed bug tip sheets for protecting your family, home, clothing and vacations from bed bugs and their vicious bites.

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