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Bed bug infestations have reached epidemic proportions across the globe. What was once a night time lament (Sleep tight – don’t let the bed bugs bite) has now become a frightening reality. Known as Cimex Lectularius, the bed bug, which feeds primarily on  human blood, can easily be introduced into your sleeping environment. Once there, they multiply rapidly and are extremely hard to eradicate. Bed bugs are a very smart, adaptable insect, and are experts at hiding until the night time.
They hide in the underside of your box spring, in the seams of your mattress and pillow, behind pictures, in cracks in the floor board, in electrical conduit, in your dirty laundry – you name it. Then, when their hosts (you and your family) are asleep, they come out of hiding, and can even travel up to 200 feet to locate a blood meal – a significant distance for such a small bug. Once they find their target, their mouthpart, which doubles as a stinger, injects a numbing agent so you won’t wake up when they pierce your skin.
Then they begin sucking your blood into their stomachs. One bed bug can bite you up to about 5 times in one night. This continues until morning. Not a very pleasant prospect, truthfully.
And, the news gets worse.
A female bed bug will lay an average of 5 eggs each night, and up to 500 in her lifetime. The math is frightening – they are very efficient breeders, and the baby bed bug, or nymph, begins feeding immediately. Bed bug bites manifest as red, swollen and extremely itchy bumps.

In some cases, people have been bitten over 500 times in one night. So, it’s obvious that steps should be taken to protect yourself and your family. Bedbug.com’s SecureSleep™ line of encasement products have been scientifically designed for the prevention or as part of the treatment of bed bug infestation. However, they are also effective in preventing dust mites, allergy triggers and bio-fluids, but bed bugs are the name of the game.

It all starts with the zipper. Our proprietary Zip Tech™ design seals tight, and will not allow bed bugs in – or out, as the case may be. There is no opportunity for the zipper head to slip back, even a little, to allow bed bugs access. When you add that to our micro-polyester fabric, it’s quite simply the best anti-bed bug encasement system available. In fact, we are the only encasement product exclusively endorsed by The American Sleep Association. So go ahead, sleep tight – we’ve got you covered day and night!

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