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Bed Bugs Ohio – Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton Have Bedbug Infestations

Bedbug.com Staff Writer

"The Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force has been compiling data that has been showing tremendous increases in bed bug infestations and in Cincinnati the problem is just off the scale." PCT Magazine, January 2010


"Encase your mattresses and box springs. The most common place for bed bugs to hide is in the mattress."

Dr. Jones Entomologist and Household and Structural Pest Specialist with The Ohio State University Extension


"I work for the Ohio Department of Health, and we get about a call a week. That's what we got in 2009. Now, I'm getting about a call a day." Public Health Entomologist, Mary Daniels, February 2010.

"Five years ago, we received two (bed bug) calls. This year we are on pace to receive 2,000 to 2,500 (bed bug) calls." Andrew Christman, vice president of the Ohio exterminating Co., PCT Magazine, January 2010

"The numbers that we have compiled represent a fraction of the actual bed bug infestations in our area." Centralohiobedbugs.org, January 2010

Luckily, Ohio has risen to the occasion! Ohio, represented by NPMA rep. Jean Schmidt, has introduced a Bed Bug Prevention and Mitigation Pilot Program Act. This act allows for funds to be allocated to political subdivisions and housing authorities to help manage bed bug infestations; including monitoring reported bed bugs and purchasing and distributing bed bug matttress covers.

Bed Bug Data 2009 Conclusions (Columbus Code Enforcement, centralohiobedbugs.org):
  • The data shows that bed bugs are rapidly spreading throughout Greater Columbus
  • No part of the metro area is bed bug free
  • The numbers of infestations will continue to rise rapidly
  • Bed bug calls are straining the resources of CCE, FCBH, and most social service agencies in our city
More quotes from centralohiobedbugs.org:
  • Consistent with the overall trend of increase in bed bug infestations, an apartment house in Columbus was featured in a 10TV news story on the infestation. According to Dana Rose, code enforcement officer in Columbus, and the Columbus Dispatch, indicated that bed bug infestation reports are coming in "2 to 3x a week from all over the city".
  • Bed bugs in Dayton have been a problem for apartment residents. Approximately 180 residents of the Biltmore residence had to move out of their homes for a week while exterminators sealed the building and used Vikane gas to kill the bedbugs.
  • With government funding shortfalls in Cincinnati, proactive inspections have ended with government focusing on lower cost education efforts as well. Cincinnati.com reported that there are approximately 12 bed bug infestation cases reported in Northern Kentucky per week (2009). Cincinnati State Representatives are calling for government assistance with the problem (2009). The Ohio State University extension recommends marking any discarded furniture that was thrown out due to bedbugs and to inspect hotel rooms before entering to determine if bed bugs are present, before bringing in luggage
  • An article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer further confirms the Bed Bugs Ohio problem. A newspaper article on the bedbug problem quotes a representative from Orkin Pest Control who claims that in North Olmsted over the past 3 years (2007-2009), they've seen a +20% increase in bed bug related calls year to year
  • Dorms at Ohio State College both on-campus and off-campus students are having issues with bed bugs like many other colleges are. Dr. Jones, Entomologist and Household and Structural Pest Specialist with The Ohio State University Extension says "Encase your mattresses and box springs. The most common place for bed bugs to hide is in the mattress."
  • Select a pest management company. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Typically they need more than one treatment. Use only a licensed company. Call the Ohio Department of Agriculture for a list at 1-800-282-1955
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