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Bed Bug Tips: Protect Your Family at Home and Away 

Protect your family from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your family from bedbugs
Protect your home from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your home from bedbugs
Protect your clothes from bedbugs. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect your clothing from bedbugs
Protect against bedbugs while you travel. Encasement products from Bedbug.com
Protect against bedbugs while traveling

Tips for Avoiding Bed Bugs

  1. Learn how to recognize bedbugs and bed bug infestations by looking at our Picture Gallery. See Bed Bug Life Cycle and Bed Bug Infestation.
  2. Avoid dust ruffles/bed skirts on your bed as this serves not only as a good hiding place for bed bugs, but as an easy means for the insects to travel from the floor to your bed, box spring, mattress and to you. If you must have them, make sure they are not touching the floor. See also how to inspect for bed bugs.
  3. If you have a headboard, it would be prudent to have a minimum 2 inch space between it and the wall in order to make access to your bed and you that much more difficult for the bedbugs.
  4. When possible, take off your shoes BEFORE entering your house, and make sure your visitors do the same.  Bed bugs have been known to travel on peoples shoes and lay their eggs there.
  5. Never bring used bedding or furniture into your home until you have inspected the items thoroughly and are comfortable with the means in which the items have been transported to your home. Unfortunately, many delivery vehicles have unknowingly become infested with bed bugs due to removing items from customer homes.
  6. Protect your bedding with quality bed bug bedding protection products.  Encasements are an important component in protecting your property, making the inspection and treatment process much easier for your Pest Management Professional, and help eliminate added stress and expense of possibly replacing these items.
  7. When you travel, be sure to inspect your hotel room for bed bugs. Travel is the #1 most common way bed bugs are spread. Protect yourself when you travel with SecureSleep™ suitcase liners, travel pillow protectors, and laundry bag. Using anti-bed bug travel products from Bedbug.com will aid in protecting your personal belongings and making it easier to unpack directly into your washer at home for added peace of mind.
  8. Be prepared by learning all you can about Bed Bug Dos and Don'ts.

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