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Allergy Triggers

It’s Sunday, but you just can’t go on that family walk. Your eyes are watery and you can’t stop sneezing. The windows are closed. Your ventilation is great, and you even bought one of those expensive HEPA filters for allergy sufferers. But the red eyes, sore throat and itchy, runny nose are relentless. Consider this: the cause of your allergies could be attacking you from within your very own home.

An allergy is the reaction of your body in its fight to protect you. When a foreign agent invades, your system creates chemicals and hormones to fight it off. The most common type is the histamine. Anti-histamines are what you spend all that money on so you can feel better – but often to no avail. Your money disappears (but your symptoms don’t) and yet your employer is still missing you at the workplace. It’s an ugly cycle.

So why do the feelings of sickness persist?

Your bed, sheets and pillows might be full of the decomposing bodies and feces of dust mites, molds, and funguses as well as other microscopic organisms living in the dust of your sleeping environment. You are most likely lying in their remains each time you go to bed. Just the simple action of rolling over in your sleep can send a cloud of these unwanted allergens billowing into the air, and right into your respiratory system. The symptoms of a dust mite or other allergic reaction resembles those associated with pollen, but can affect a person throughout the year. Even your beloved and loyal four-legged family pet can secrete dander, oils or saliva that might ignite an allergic response within you and your family.

Two recommended treatments for those suffering from dust mite infestation are covers for beds, mattresses and pillows along with hypoallergenic pillows. At Bedbug.com, our SecureSleep™ line of encasement products fit the bill.

Providing yourself and your loved ones with the proper covers for your mattresses, box springs and pillows could dramatically improve your daily life. Bedbug.com offers quality encasement products that eliminate allergy agent transference, providing you with a safer, cleaner and healthier sleeping environment. Now THAT’S a breath of fresh air you can live with!


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