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Protect your home from bed bugs with certified bed bug proof mattress covers and bed bug travel encasements at Bedbug.comTraveling? Click Here

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Home protectionbed bugs mattress

 Sleep Safe™ Smart Buy-Home
bed bugs mattress cover
Value Pack includes:
SecureSleep bed bug products 1 Pillow Encasement
SecureSleep bed bug products 1 Mattress Encasement
SecureSleep bed bug products 1 Box Spring Encasement
bed bug pillow protector
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Travel protection

 Sleep Safe™ Smart Buy-Travel
buy bed bug encasements
Value Pack includes:
bed bug products 1 Travel Pillow & Encasement
bed bug products 2 Luggage Liners Large & Carry-on
bed bug products 1 Laundry Bag
Price:Price: $69.99 
bed bugs mattress cover
bed bugs mattress cover

Dorm Room protection

 Sleep Safe™ Smart Buy-Dorm Room  
bed bugs mattress cover
Value Pack includes:
bed bugs mattress cover 1 Pillow Encasement
bed bugs mattress cover 1 Twin XL Mattress Encasement
2 Laundry Bags
Price:Price: $89.99 
bed bugs mattress cover

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Zippered Mattress Covers

Why does the mattress cover zipper matter?
Bed bugs are tiny creatures and bed bugs bite through the smallest of openings. Here at Bedbug.com, we've taken that into account and created one of the touchest bed bug zippers out there, and tested to ensure that bed bugs cannot bite through. Zip up your mattress cover to prevent bed bug bites today!
Read about our bed bug zipper technology  bed bug hotline phone number nyc
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bed bugs mattress cover

Protection Against

bed bug prevention products Bed Bugs
mattress cover duc=st mites Dust Mites
allergy free mattress Allergy Triggers
waterproof mattress cover Bio-Fluids

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Tips for Bed Bug Protection

Bedbug.com SecureSleep™ and Sleep Safe™ bed bug mattress covers and full line of bedding encasements are tested and proven to prevent bed bugs in your bedding and travels. Looking for more bed bug prevention tips? Bedbug.com goes beyond SecureSleep™ bed protection products and travel encasements with these bed bug tip sheets

Protect your family from bedbugs with bed bug covers  

Protect Your Family Against Bed Bugs

When going off to college   College dorm life is a blast! Parties, friends, bed bugs! Yes, bed bugs. Learn how to avoid this blood sucking roommate with mattress protectors and more.
In the workplace   Are there blood sucking parasites in your office? We're talking about bed bugs of course! Work is stressful enough without them. Whether bed bugs end up in your briefcase or on your clothes, we have tips to avoid bed bugs at work
When using a daycare center   Sending your little one off to a daycare center can be a bit frightening at times. Sometimes bed bug crib mattress covers are not enough. Make sure bed bugs don’t get into the mix!
When residing in Senior Resident Housing   Assisted living is a good option for those in need. But bed bugs are a real threat getting into mattresses, boxsprings, and even pillows! Take a look at these tips so you can avoid bed bugs
Bed bugs have also been known to ruin sleep overs, summer camp, hospital stays, and more.

CLICK HERE to see more Bedbug.com tips to protect your family from bed bugs.

Protect your home from bedbugs with bed bug covers  

Protect Your Home Against Bed Bugs

When using a cleaning service   Can your cleaning service bring bed bugs from their last stop? You bet! Protect yourself, your family, and your home from bed bugs with these tips and bed bug free products.
Bed Bug Tips for Landlords   Rental properties are a big investment. See tips to protect them from bed bugs
When renovating or redecorating   Don’t get nailed by bed bugs during this very vulnerable time. Start off your home right with encasements to protect your home and family from blood-sucking bed bugs
When renting an apartment/home   Renting a place to live is becoming riskier with the bed bug epidemic. Who was sleeping on my mattress and headboard last? Did they use bed bug encasement products? who knows! Make sure you are protected before you sign that lease! Here are some suggestions
When preparing for Bed Bug Exterminator Services   It’s critical to prepare your home ahead of bed bug treatment with bed bug bags and more. Get some good suggestions right here
Bed bugs and thier bites are also common in multi-unit housing, newly purchased beds, rented furniture, rented storage and even in the suitcases of visitors. No matter what the source of the infestation, we've got the bed bug protection tips you're looking for.

CLICK HERE to see more Bedbug.com tips to protect your home from bed bugs.

Protect against bedbugs while you travel, with Bedbug.com    

Protect Against Bed Bugs While Traveling

Bed Bug Prevention for Travel   Here are some general tips and products to help prevent infestations.
When going to a hotel   Bed bugs are regular guests at hotels, and most lodges don't use mattress encasements. Make sure you stay in a bed bug free environment
When flying   Security can’t stop bed bugs on airplanes! But bed bug travel pillows and tips can. Take the steps needed to protect yourself on flights
When traveling   Bed bugs love to travel in your luggage and on your travel pillow covers. Make sure you are not helping them do so! Here are some important tips
When using public transportation (taxi, train or bus)   Using public transportation is great for your wallet, and great for the environment. But bed bugs are there too, and they're ready to bite. Make sure you stay clear – here’s how
Bed bug complaints have also been reported while camping, on airplanes, in rental cars and RV's and even on luxury cruises! Stear clear of bed bugs, no matter what your final destination.

CLICK HERE to see even more Bedbug.com travel tips to prevent bed bugs.

Protect your clothing from bedbugs with bedbugs.com covers    

Protect Your Clothing Against Bed Bugs

When doing laundry  Are you sure those clothes are clean? Bed bugs are crafty, they hitch rides on clothing and hide easily in laundry bags. Here's how to avoid bed bugs in your laundry
When living with roommates   Roommates can be great, but their habits may not be. Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to bed bug avoidance, and maybe even split the cost when buying bed bug proofing products. Try these tips 
When using a dry cleaner   Dry cleaning is a common place to accidentally get a case of bed bugs. Here are some good tips for keeping them away 
When buying secondhand clothing   Buying secondhand clothing can save you money. Be sure not to pick up bed bugs with your bargain! 
Whether you're shopping for secondhand clothing, renting a tuxedo or wedding dress, using a dressing room, a health club locker, or your local laundromat, be sure not to bring bed bugs home with these bed bug bags and tips.

CLICK HERE for more tips to prevent bed bugs in your clothing.

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