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      Why does the mattress cover zipper matter?

      Bed bugs are tiny creatures and bed bugs bite through the smallest of openings. Here at Bedbug.com, we've taken that into account and created one of the touchest bed bug zippers out there, and tested to ensure that bed bugs cannot bite through. Zip up your mattress cover to prevent bed bug bites today!

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    • Tips for Bed Bug

      Why does the mattress cover zipper matter?

      Bedbug.com SecureSleep™ and Sleep Safe™ bed bug mattress covers and full line of bedding encasements are tested and proven to prevent bed bugs in your bedding and travels. Looking for more bed bug prevention tips? Bedbug.com goes beyond SecureSleep™ bed protection products and travel encasements with
      these bed bug tip sheets.

    • Protect Your Family Against Bed Bugs

      Bed Bugs can come from anywhere and interrupt your life, but we can help you protect your family against these pests. College dorm life is a blast! Parties, friends, bed bugs! Yes, bed bugs. Learn how to avoid this blood sucking roommate with mattress protectors and more. Are there blood sucking parasites in your office? We're talking about bed bugs of course! Work is stressful enough without them. Whether bed bugs end up in your briefcase or on your clothes, we have tips to avoid bed bugs.

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    • Protect Your Home Against Bed Bugs

      Bed bugs have no problem by attacking your entire home. Can your cleaning service bring bed bugs from their last stop? You bet! Protect yourself, your family, and your home from bed bugs with these tips and bed bug free products. Rental properties are a big investment. We have the tips landlords need to become protected from bed bugs. Renovating or redecorating? Don't get nailed by bed bugs during this season.

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    • Protect Against Bed Bugs While Traveling

      Bed bugs can follow you everywhere. Our Knowledge Base has general tips and products to help prevent infestations during your travels. Bed bugs are regular guests at hotels, and most lodges don't use mattress encasements. Make sure you stay in a bed bug free environment. Even when you fly, bed bugs can be a risk. Security can't stop bed bugs on airplanes! But bed bug travel pillows and tips can. Take the steps needed to protect yourself on flights.

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    • Protect Your Clothing Against Bed Bugs

      Your clothing can easily attract bed bugs. Are you sure those clothes are clean? Bed bugs are crafty, they hitch rides on clothing and hide easily in laundry bags. Here's how to avoid bed bugs in your laundry. Maybe these bed bugs aren't yours, but they may be your roommate's. Roommates can be great, but their habits may not be. Make sure you are on the same page when it comes to bed bug avoidance, and maybe even split the cost when buying bed bug proofing products.

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